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one // My new coffee table

Jon surprised me two night ago (Snapchat family saw it early - themoderntulip) with an early Christmas present. Ever since I revamped our living room (see the reveal here) I have rearranged and I've been on the search for a coffee table. The only problem is I had a picture of what I wanted in my head, but couldn't find it online. Jon must have gotten tired of hearing me whine about it because he made this for me! It's so perfectly imperfect. I love it! He used wood from palettes and just sanded and poly'd them. Then used rod iron and shaped it himself to create the legs! I love the table, but I love my husbands thoughtfulness more. He's simply the best!


two // Tone It Up Challenge

If you've never heard of Tone It Up oh my goodness go check out Karena & Katrina now and be amazed at their gorgeous bodies, but beautiful spirits! I've been a TIU girl for over two years now and I just love them and everything they represent so much! Their nutrition plan is a favorite of mine and I'm always pulling recipes from it. The TIU Challenge's are always amazing, but I've never completed one. I'm determined - my mind is already made up - to complete this challenge in 2016. It's 8 weeks long and starts January 3rd. Jon and I have a trip to the Keys planned in April so this is perfect time for me to get ready! If you decide to do it please let me know somehow so I can support you!


three // Advent. The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp


I've been meaning to mention this book to y'all for awhile. It's never to late to start reading or buy it now and have it for next year. I got mine off Amazon and right now it's only $11.29. It would also make an amazing gift and with Amazon Prime you can have it in two days! It's such an amazing read to prepare your heart for this season and a daily reminder of what Christmas is really about. I get so wrapped up in everything Christmas doesn't represent and I forget the greatest gift of all who paid the ultimate price. Our Lord!

I should also mention the SRT Advent is always amazing too and it's free online! I do their bible studies daily.


four // Instagram For Success Online Course

Instagram is my favorite form of social media and I've been working really hard at "figuring it out" over the last year. But there is always so much to learn! Helene from Helene In Between is one of the most tech savvy, business minded, approachable ladies I know. She's gained over 10,000 followers on Instagram in less than one year. #mindblown. When she started offering strategic online classes I was stoked. She currently is offering an Instagram For Success course. Here is what Helene says you can expect from her course:

- How to gain followers and drive traffic to your site (How I've consistently gained 1,000 per month!)- - How to edit photos and post consistently
- The trick to more interaction, likes and followers
- How to get featured by BIG brands
- The biggest mistakes to avoid that 98% of instagrammers are doing!

Go sign up now and prepare to grooooow in 2016!


five // New Years Eve is right around the corner!

Eek I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring! Jon and I are going to be staying snuggled in with our sleeping babe watching the ball drop in pj's with champagne and lots of horderves to snack on. It might seem silly, but I'm more excited to do that than getting all fancied up and go out. #lamemomlife BUT, if you are planning on going out and don't have your outfit planned yet I've linked some super pretty options for you to shop last minute!

This dress from JcPenny is making my heart skip a beat! I want to run and get it now for absolutely no reason! The only thing stopping me is the fact I have no reason to wear it. #wompwomp
"I don't want to rent a dress off the runway" said no one ever! This sequin dress will catch all the reflections of light and looks pretty stinking cute paired with tights!

I've wanted sequin pants for ever. Ever since Nordstrom came out with these in gold, but H&M carries a very similar pair for a better price. Pair it with a sheer top and some pretty pumps like these (under $30) or these and you're done!

Skirts are a fun alternative too, I'm just not a skirt gal myself. Of course I'm still in love with my sequin skirt I styled here, but I think a shorter skirt with tights is adorable for a party. The pattern and color on this skirt is everything.

What are your New Years Eve plans? High-five if you are having a pajama party too!

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  1. this list is amazing! seriously i want everything. especially tone it up (oh and my course :))

  2. Love everything in this post! The coffee table is beautiful (saw it on Snapchat :-] ), the Tone It Up girls are amazing, and I'm reallllly thinking about signing up for Helene's Instagram course come January!

  3. Yay, another TIU girl! Seriously love Karena and Katrina and the community. I'm going to try to complete the new challenge too. Also your new coffee table is perfect. My dream coffee table looks similar but I can't get it until we move into a new house. Hopefully that will happen for me in 2016!

  4. I love the coffee table, that was very sweet of the hubby. I love the handmade gifts the best.


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