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Maddox || 9 Months Old


And yet again I'm shocked at how quickly time has passed. My baby boy has been on this earth the same amount of time he grew in my belly (just short of a few days). Oh my goodness. My pregnancy didn't seem to go this quickly!

This is such a fun age and I'm so freaking excited to be celebrating Christmas with him at such a fun stage where everything is magical through his eyes. I know it's only going to get better!

Stats // At his appointment last week he was 18lbs and 28 1/4" long. He's in the 90th percentile for head circumference too. What can I say, my baby's brain is big! He is wearing 6-12 month clothing depending on the brand. Size 5 diapers.

Developments // He has learned to wave "hi" and "bye" and I love how excited he gets over it. He points out things with his pointer finger, which is just my absolute favorite. I think it's so cute! He points out dogs and balls. He took his first step on his own on 11/23/15. He still loves walking and has started to let go of our fingers once he gets his balance, take about two steps and then looses his balance and falls down. He wants to do it over and over again and he gets SO proud of himself. It's amazing how eager this kid is to walk! He will crawl now if I'm acting like I am not paying attention to him, otherwise he wants my assistance with walking.

Sleeping // He goes down around 7-8pm and sleeps until about 6am, wakes for a feeding, and goes back down until 8 or 9am. I am so grateful he's sleeping through the night again. Occasionally he will wake up randomly once through the night, but it's typically from gas and he will go back down on his own. If not, I feed him and he goes right back to sleep. Totally manageable! He takes 2-3 naps a day. Usually 1-2 hours long. I'm really digging his sleeping routine right now even though I know not to get too comfortable :-/

Eating // This kid eats everything and he eats like a piglet. He's his mother's son... completely obsessed with bread. He loves bananas and black beans, ground turkey, carrots and potatoes. He has turned his nose up at strawberries on a few different occasions. He is still fully breastfed (PSL we are still going strong), but he eats three "meals" a day along with two small snacks. My pediatrcian recommended this to get him in a routine so that when breastfeeding comes to an end he will have an easy transition into full-time solids.

Personality // He is a total mama's boy right now and at first I was pretty frustrated with him always reaching back out for me when someone else took him, but I'm really soaking it up now because I know a time will come when he will want nothing to do with me. Wahhhhhhh :( He makes some pretty hilarious faces you have probably seen all over my Instagram. He blows bubbles and babbles constantly. He is curious and interested in everything! Unless he is over-tired or hungry he's seriously the most chill baby. Unless the toy he wants is across the room and he wants my help walking to it. Then he whines. Lord help me!

Body // He has four teeth now. The top two broke through this last month. He had a few fussy episodes over it, but other than that he teethed so well. His hair is getting thick and curling up over his ears. His daddy's did the exact same curl as a baby #swoon. 

Loves // When Daddy comes home, chasing me or Jon, reading books, anything that makes music, pulling up on the dogs, snuggling with his blanket in his crib when he's sleepy.

Dislikes // Getting dressed. Especially right after a bath.

Maddox, you continue to overwhelm my soul with joy. I love watching you develop into the little man you are going to be. You continue to amaze me at how smart you are and how interested you are in the world around you. Snuggling with you right before bed at night may just make my heart explode. I love you bug.

Maddox's outfit details: similar sweater | jeans | shoes

My outfit details will be up on tomorrow's post :)
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  1. He is such a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing picture with us!

  2. Such cute photos! Loved reading about your baby boy!

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  6. Oh my goodness! He's getting so big!!! I wish babies wouldn't grow so fast!!


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