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Our 2015 Christmas Card

I'm not going to lie, I was anticipating this moment as soon as Halloween rolled around this year. I sent out our cards the day after Thanksgiving I was so excited. I LOVE sending out family Christmas cards. Growing up we never took family photos and sent it out on a card, but we always received a ton of them from friends and family. I can remember saying, " I will do that every year when I grow up and get married". And you bet your bottoms I've stuck to my guns. But this year! THIS year with Maddox it was a whole new level of excitement!
This is personally my favorite card since I've been married thanks to my little boo-thang).

Secret, I always use Walmart to get our Christmas cards done. I seriously can't beat the prices and they have stepped up their game keeping up with the trending styles too. So I usually make out like a bandit with 50-60 cards for less than $50. #winning I topped it off with sealing them with a gold foil washi tape from Target and dunzo!

It was a no brainer that I was going to pick a photo from our Fall Family Photo Shoot, choosing which one was the hard part! I ended up choosing two because I couldn't make a decision. I suffer from indecisiveness. I wanted to share our family, but I wanted Maddox to be the star of the show so I chose the two that depict his personality to a T. Unless he's teething or sick this kid has the most infectious smile towards everyone he comes in contact with so it was a no brainer picking these two photos. 
I have this framed and part of our holiday decor this year so I can continue to look at it and smile. That genius idea is from my gal pal Elise of Cheers y'all. She frames every years card and puts it up as Christmas decoration. Isn't that cute?

Shop our looks:

My Outfit // dress (maternity! Shhh!) || scarf || boots || earrings
Jon's Outfit // shirt || jeans || boots || watch
Maddox's Outfit // sweater || pants || moccs
Family photos were done by my dear friend Renee of Two Sparks Photography. Tri-city TN friends definitely check her out! She's genuine, a believer and a business boss!

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9 comments on "Our 2015 Christmas Card"
  1. Your Christmas card is so cute!! Very pretty :) I love it!! I got mine through May Designs and did some foil printing on it, and I loved them! Christmas cards are so fun! My family didn't send them out either, and now that I can for my husband and I, it's more fun!

  2. Love your card this year, great tip about Walmart! I never would've thought of that. Thanks for the idea of framing the card for decor, too - I always have ours hanging on the fridge, but a frame would be much cuter. :)

  3. We never took Christmas pictures to send out either, and I remember thinking the same thing. It was so much fun picking out our first cards this year. So I can only imagine the joy after having kids. I LOVE your cards, and will definitely look into Walmart for next years cards. I saw Elise's idea on her home tour too, and told Thomas we should definitely do that. Merry Christmas to you and your little family. :)

  4. They turned out beautiful! I've never thought to use Walmart before.

  5. ahhh! These are every bit as precious as I imagined they would be. I think your photo selection is perfect! Beautiful cards, dear! xx

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