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Charleston Sweater Weather

sweater (under $25) | bralette | jeans | boots | purse | sunnies (under $20) and dupe to these $145 pair
 bar necklace

This is the only photo shoot from our trip to Charleston last weekend because I'm a total slacker. We were having so much fun shopping and playing I didn't want to stop and take pictures the first two days there. In some ways I think it's nice to take a break though and just enjoy a getaway without a to-do list. Now being stuck at home because of snow I'm dreaming of going back to SC!

I got these sunglasses from Firmoo and I love them! They are the perfect, affordable dupe to these snazzy, expensive sunnies. I also really want this pair too because of the lens color. This pair is also really fun, but I don't think Jon would approve. Anyone else have a sunglasses addiction? If you do you can get 15% off your first pair from Firmoo, which makes them cheaper than cheap. I've also received prescription glasses from Firmoo too (see how to choose frames to fit your face here) and I love them. They are baby tested too as in they put up with being thrown across the room, chewed on and shaken like a rattle. #momlife

6 comments on "Charleston Sweater Weather"
  1. Love the whole vibe of this look! And, I'm with you - I think when you're away for a trip it's okay to take a break from blog photos. :)

  2. love that sweater! and so sad that i missed brunch :( xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Love that sweater! Love the necklace too. My kid brother got me a bar necklace for Christmas. I love simple accessories like that!

  4. Ok I shop Old Navy often and I NEVER find cute things like you do! Or I just don't have the eye to see how cute something can be once it's styled... it's probably the latter, now that I think of it. :-)

  5. How do you find such cute things from Old Navy? It's so hard for me! You look stunning! xo

  6. I loooove that sweater! So gorgeous! xx


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