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I Want Your Feedback. What Do You Want To See?

We are in the car, heading to Charleston, and I'm taking this time to plan and vision some of the future for The Modern Tulip. Y'all may or may not have read my vision for my blog in 2016 and I'm still working hard to make that a reality. 

But I can't help but wonder, what would you all like to see? I obviously show up here for my own enjoyment, but I get my enjoyment from my sweet readers! I would love to hear any ideas or requests you might have for me on this blog. 
What actually got me thinking about this was a few emails I've received in the last month asking for specific posts. And honestly, those are my favorite emails! Here are some of those questions that I've written down and my mind is already swirling with ideas! I love it!

"Can you share more health and fitness related posts? I'm a mom of a two year old and I'm still trying to figure out how to get my body back!"
"I'm super nosy, but I want to know behind the scenes action for your photos. How do you do photo-shoots with a baby?"
"Can you do a lipstick round-up? You always rock so many different colors, I'd love to know your favorite brands and colors."

"How did you transition Maddox to solid foods? I know my baby boy is ready for it, but I just don't know where to start and I'm curious what you did."

So is there something you want to see on this blog? Pertaining to style? Pertaining to motherhood? Fitness? Something specifically in my life?

You name it. I'll do my absolute best to make it happen! And I will check with you, if you are okay with it, I'll share your name and a link to your blog once I create the post based on your question.
**If you would like to email a private question please don't hesitate:
5 comments on "I Want Your Feedback. What Do You Want To See?"
  1. "A Day in the Life" posts are always fun to read :)

  2. i'd love to see behind the scenes too! I am in no way a fashion blogger but I'm baffled over how to take better pics of myself.. I have a tripod.. (my husband is worthless at taking pics, so I'm on my own :-)) and would like to see how someone who is SO GOOD at it does it!

  3. Style posts, maybe some hair tutorials/tips and more fitness related posts. Would love your thoughts on TIU and whether or not it is manageable for a full time working mom of 2. Thanks!

  4. I love your style posts! I also love reviews/giveaways!


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