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Maddox || Ten Months Old


Stats // 19lbs and 28 1/4" long. Wearing 9-12 month clothing. Size 5 diapers.

Developments // I think one of my favorite things this month is Jon has taught him to shoot the ball in his basketball goal. So he will crawl and get the ball, either I or Jon will pick him up and hold him over the hoop and then he will drop the ball through the hoop. It's amazing how quickly he picks up on things! Everything is "da-da" these days. I will tell him to say "ma-ma" and he will grin and then say "da-da". Drives me bananas! He says "baw" for ball and "dow dow" for doggie. He points out all sorts of things in books now when I ask him to such as balls, dogs, owls, pigs, books. I swear I repeat the same things twenty times a day, but it's obviously working. He is climbing stairs now. He has taken more steps on his own this last month. He took about 5 steps at one time on his own from Jon to me a few weeks ago and we about died! He's crawling all over and using furniture to walk where he wants to go.

Sleeping // He is sleeping through the night. For awhile he was skipping his afternoon nap and going down at 5:30 and waking at 5:30 the next morning for a feeding then going back to sleep until 7am. We weren't fans of him going to bed so early because he hardly got any time with Jon. So with wonderful insight from my sweet Instagram friends I've been pushing back his morning nap so that he makes it longer in the evenings and that's been working. Some times he will nap twice a day, but not always.

Eating // Everything in sight. You can't expect to eat a meal in front of this boy without him coming over to you and begging for a bite. Even if he just finished his own meal! This kid eats like a champ! He loves smoothies lately and bananas are still his favorite. He's taken to ham recently too.

Personality // He loves people and it warms my heart to see him interact with everyone. He's all smiles when he first sees someone, then acts a bit bashful by burying his head into my shoulder and then just like that he reaches out for them. I love it so much! He's either all smiles or completely serious too. There is no in-between with him.

Body // His legs are getting so chunky it's adorable! And his head and face are filling out. Plus he has that cute little belly that just pooches out. He has four teeth and one of the teeth just beside his front tooth is starting to bulge through #lordhelpme

Loves // When daddy and the doggies come home. When the dogs lick his face and hands. Watching Handy Manny. Playing with balls and blocks.

Dislikes // When I try to snuggle him :( getting dressed into pj's for bed. Getting out of the bathtub.

See him grow!

10 comments on "Maddox || Ten Months Old"
  1. He's such a doll! I see this and I think, "I need a baby right now!" And then I think, "I really like sleep too much right now, though." Ha!

  2. he is SOOO cute!! and dang you are so lucky he is sleeping so well! Vi is in the middle of a sleep regression and teething. she was up for over two hours last night. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Oh my goodness he is the cutest thing ever!!

  4. oh my god Maegen. he is seriously the most handsome little baby ever. when i (fingers crossed oh lord) have a boy in the future i want you to help me dress him lolol!

  5. I cannot believe how old/big he is already! Sheesh, time flies, right?! So glad that everything is going well - I enjoy seeing him all over Snapchat!

  6. He's the cutest little thing! I've followed your blog for a while now, and I love it. You're giving me major baby fever, though...

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