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My Husband Chose My Outfit & His Thoughts On My Style


similar sweater | vest (sold out in cream) | watch | purse | similar jeans | boots (four years old)

Recently I asked Jon his thoughts on my style. My style is how I reflect how I'm feeling that day and how I express myself, but it never hurts to dress in a way my husband likes. I mean - I'm going to wear what I want anyway, but I was interested to know what he prefered and liked me best in. This is what I learned.

He likes when my clothes reflect the southern belle in me.

He likes me in neutrals. Holla!

He prefers natural make-up.

He actually chose this entire outfit including the makeup and jewelry and I have to say I am pretty impressed. He was so cute about it when I asked him to choose something. He got really nervous and said he had no clue where to start. I told him to think about what he liked seeing me in best and we would go from there. Immediately he said distressed denim and cowboy boots. Apparently he likes me southern :-P Thank goodness those are my roots!

So here's what he had to say for a little Q&A

Q: Heels or tennis shoes
A: heels

Q: Bold lipstick or neutral lipstick?
A: neutral like that light pink or brown you wear.

Q: Hair up or down?
A: down

Q: Curly or straight?
A: Curly -- (this totally surprised me because I fight my natural curl with a straightener almost daily)

Q: Whats your favorite look?
A: I like your ripped jeans with boots.

Q: If you could get rid of one thing in my closet what would it be?
A: Printed pants! And anything with flowers, they remind me of my grandma.

Q: Sporty or dressy?
A: Sporty. I like when you wear workout clothes and look athletic.

Isn't he so cute? I was surprised myself by a few of these, but I'm happy to know what my man likes :) Although my flower printed clothing isn't going anywhere. Sorry babe!
16 comments on "My Husband Chose My Outfit & His Thoughts On My Style"
  1. So cute! What a fun idea. Happy New Year, Meag!

  2. Lol awe, good answers on your husbands part. Sounds like he definitely prefers the southern girl look :) I love boots and jeans during winter. Happy New Year!

    Kaitlyn @

  3. Printed pants are really trendy and most men (mine included) don't "get" very many trends lol! My hubs feels the same way about floral patterns but I love them too much to care! This post was such a creative idea!! So cute.

  4. This is adorable! So cute that he likes you looking southern!

  5. Aren't you wife of the year?? I get in a habit of dressing for myself, not him. That little q+a is such a great idea!

  6. My husband hates my printed pants so much i gave up and thrifted them last year *sob*

  7. this was so cute! I had to laugh at the printed pants, Ryan says the same thing when I try them on while shopping!

  8. So cute!! My husband is similar. if I wear anything trendy he's like 'that's interesting....' but then loves it when I'm in a sweatshirt and jeans or running pants. :-)

  9. This is such a fantastic idea, and how sweet are your hubby's answers?! It's always nice to know what our men like seeing us in. :)

  10. He did a great job picking out your outfit and is so sweet!

  11. What a cute idea!! Tyler loves picking out what I wear, but he typically wants to go super glam haha. I might have to borrow this idea for a post down the line, I love it when he can be involved in the blog since it's typically something I do all on my own. The Q&A was such a great touch - his answers are the cutest!

  12. Your outfit is adorable. And then I read the story behind it and my heart can't even! SO cute!! I will play this game with my husband :P

  13. Such a fun idea! And he did pretty great outfit wise, you look so comfy and casual.

  14. This is so cute that your hubby styled you! I always ask Ryan to pick out an outfit for me for date nights and sadly... it never works!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  15. This is such a fun post! I hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea (with a nod to your lovely blog, of course). By the way, your husband did an outstanding job! I'm a tad afraid of what my husband would pick out!

  16. This was such a fun idea for a post! It's always fun to find out things we didn't know about our other half :)


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