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Styling A Moto Jacket


moto jacket c/o Shein | top (under $18) | jeans (under $30) | similar beanie | boots | purse | sunglasses

Shocker, another moto jacket in my closet. I bet you didn't see that coming! I try to venture out with my style from time to time - I mean hey I took a step away from neutrals for this look. That deserves a pat on the back, right!? I definitely have my comfort zone and it's a tie between neutrals and moto jackets. I just really like fitted pieces! I love the detail in this particular jacket and the color is so rich and perfect for these colder months. It did come with shoulder pads that I chose to remove, but it was no trouble at all. I simply snipped a few of the inseam stitches and then sewed a few stitches right back in after I removed the pads. Now it fits like a glove and doesn't make me look like a football linebacker.

I think a tip with styling a piece like a moto jacket is to pair it with a more delicate, feminine piece. I paired it with this top because the blush and sheer fabric at the bottom take down the "grunge" appeal a notch. I styled another moto jacket in this post and you can I see I paired it with a flower detailed top, but also ripped denim. It keeps the grunge appeal without going overboard.

6 comments on "Styling A Moto Jacket"
  1. I love that jacket and those boots! Great outfit!


  2. That jacket though...mmm mmm mmmmm :D Love it!!

  3. You look killer! Thanks for the styling tips, too because I'm never sure how to style this type of jacket.

  4. Just found your blog and I'm so glad that I did! This outfit is fantastic and I've loved all your posts that I've looked at so far. I just got my first moto jacket and I'm still figuring out all the ways I can style it. anyway, it's lovely to meet you and I'm subscribing so I can look forward to reading what you write in the future. :)

  5. Love that outfit! I see they have that jacket in a camel color... totally going in my closet :-]


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