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Winter Jacket


same jacket/different color || sweater (under $19) || jeans || similar boots || purse || similar sunnies

I've been on the lookout for a puffy winter jacket, but I've not been willing to take a splurge in the $60+ price tags even though I know it's something worth investing in. Sometimes I can be such a penny pincher on certain things and it makes no sense. My husband only wishes I would feel so frugal when I enter Target. #somethingswillneverchange

I spotted this jacket (the orange is now sold out) when I was out shopping with my mom and Maddox last week and luckily I purchased it just in time for the chilling cold temps and snow flurries. There was only one left and lo and behold is was a size small! But a price tag was nowhere to be found so I didn't even let myself get my hopes up. I put it back and thank goodness my mother came right behind me and threw it into the cart. "It never hurts to ask." When will I become wise like a seasoned mom? I told myself if it was anything over $30 I wouldn't get it. The beautiful lady at the register typed in some numbers and smiled and said, "$28.97."


And that's the story of how I got my winter coat at a penny pinching price! I love this color too and it's under $25!

3 comments on "Winter Jacket"
  1. Love it! It would go over well here in East Tennessee too. If you wear Orange on a Saturday during football season, you can blend right in. What a deal on that price, too!

  2. The orange adds such a fun pop of color! Also, your hair in these pictures is gorgeous - I need your color formula! :)

  3. Ha I said the same thing about winter jackets... and then I moved to Massachusetts. Now I'm throwing money at any company that makes something warm!


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