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You're Gonna Hear Me Roooarrr


You may recognize my outfit from yesterday's blog post and you can find all my outfit details there if you are curious, but I wanted to split these photos into two posts. I didn't want to photo dump on you all at once. Plus I wanted to share a couple things that are happening with Maddox.

First, how cute is M's outfit? I love little pullover sweaters on him. On Saturday I was helping my best friend register for her wedding at Target and I walked past this sweater and snagged it as quickly as I saw it. Definitely an impulse purchase, but it was love at first site. I mean look at it!

In other news, Maddox has completely weaned off of me. Cue the tears! I told Jon I wish I had known the last time he fed was going to be the last so I could just savor it that much more. I guess there are perks to being done with breastfeeding, but still a small part of me is emotional about it. I'm thankful to all you mamas who gave me advice and support on Instagram last weekend as to what to do about being engorged. Luckily I only had one.. maybe two days of feeling that way. He weaned slowly enough that I think my milk supply has diminished on it's own really well. It just took one really painful night of sleep since I'm typically a stomach sleeper.

And on top of it all he's started walking more and more and slowly letting go here and there to take a few steps and sit down. He goes maybe two or three steps on his own at a time and then plops down on his bottom. Why must he hit me with all of this at once!? I just want to scream SLOOOWW DOWN! And on top of it his first birthday is in less than two months! Can you tell I'm a bit emotional over here?

Don't You Dare Buy Me Roses!


similar blouse | jeans | boots here and here | sunglasses dupe to these | necklace |
bracelet from my Rocksbox. Use code moderntulipxoxo for a FREE month

On Sunday we finally made it back to church after two weeks of missing between going to Charleston and snow cancellations. I always miss it so much - I need that service to refresh my mind and soul! I wore this favorite chiffon top of mine. I purchased it last year from Forever21, but I've linked a few other options for you in the widget below. I truly love this top and want to add it to my closet! It would make the cutest Valentine's Day number! Speaking of vday, this outfit would make a good casual look to wear during the day if you plan on being out and about. That way you look like you're in the holiday spirit :)

What is your take on Valentine's Day? I honestly don't care too much about it, but I do like the excuse to eat chocolates! Who am I kidding? I don't need an excuse for that...

I do have one rule for Jon on Valentine's Day. Don't you dare buy me roses! I've told him this since our very first Vday at boyfriend and girlfriend. I think they are so cliche!

Edible Finger Paint


I was feeling pretty optimistic and peppy one day last week and I wanted to do something different so I decided to try finger painting with Maddox. Oh my! Such fun, but when it comes to clean-up it's a mess!

I got the "paint" ready, cut upon a trash bag and taped it to the floor, stripped him down and got out my camera. At first he wouldn't touch it so I had to stick my fingers in it and show him how to use it. Then I stuck his hand into one of the jars and rubbed it all over the trash bag. It was a matter of seconds before both fists were in his mouth licking it all up. But when he realized he couldn't get his hands clean he was super frustrated and he wasn't having any more of it. I kept trying to egg him on, but it just wasn't happening so I threw him straight into the bath. What I didn't think about was the fact I had to carry him to the bathtub and I was wearing regular clothes... :-/ Luckily it washed right out, but still! Think it through if you decide to do this at home and wear a grubby t-shirt.

So what's it made of? I looked up all these recipes talking about flour and cornstarch and that all seemed like a lot of work. But of course, I was optimistic and I was into it. #firsttimemomprobs So I tried one of those recipes out and it made a mess and gave me a headache. It solidified once it was off of the heat too so I really don't understand how it would work as paint? All this to say, go the easy route y'all and keep it simple.

You need two things:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Food coloring (I used neon)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!