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Blowing The Dust Off Momentarily

This feels weird.

I wasn't even sure (I'm still not) that I even wanted to show back up here again.

I know I just dropped off the face of the planet in Blogland and Instagram. Some days I don't even open up a single social media site on my phone...

It started when I got really sick for a few weeks and just couldn't get my act together to put on makeup, much less blog. When that sickness turned out to be caused by my second pregnancy I was in total shock and I'm pretty sure that didn't wear off for a few more weeks. Then I got really overwhelmed and the sickness saga continued.

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and I thought I was past the first trimester sickness/fatique, but I'm not. In fact Easter Sunday at church, dressed in my best white dress, I went running to the bathroom when my sickness set in yet again.

It feels never ending. I was never sick with Maddox. In fact my pregnancy with him was an absolute breeze and I loved it so much. This is a totally different roller coaster and adding that to chasing a now walking one year old around and I'm just pooped y'all.

Being "out of the game" for so many weeks now I honestly feel like I don't know how to come back? I don't know if I can post regularly to social media. I don't know if I can find time to photograph different outfits. I don't know if I can check emails daily. I don't know if I can edit pictures during nap time every stinking day. Actually I know I can... but I don't really think I want to right now.

I sort of feel burnt out.

Sounds pathetic to many I'm sure. I know there are women out there with much bigger problems and a whole lot more stress on their plate. I just wanted to show up here and tell you what happened. Why I disappeared.

I hope to regain my energy and get that spark burning again for my blog. Shoot I just hope to regain my energy before Baby #2 makes his appearance.

Thank you though for all of you that have reached out and have expressed that you miss me. I TOTALLY miss you believe it or not! I think that's why I can't quite give up. The friendships and readers are what my heart misses most. So know that I miss you too!