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Birthday Dinner OOTD


Hiiii! I'm coming off of a high from an absolutely perfect birthday weekend! My mother-in-law gave me an amazing gift, she took Maddox for an entire day on Friday! (You may have seen on Snapchat {themoderntulip} that I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself). I've never spent more than 3 hours away from my baby. It was so refreshing AND appreciated to drink hot coffee, lounge around the house, shower, shop, work on my blog, etc all on my own schedule. At the same time I was super surprised to realize how much I missed Maddox. I honestly didn't notice how much I talk to him during the day and being by myself again was a weird wake up call reminding me how much I appreciate being a mother. I loved my life before kids, but let me tell ya, it's that much sweeter with them. Breaks are still extremely appreciated and will be taken from time to time :)

The cherry on top of my actual birthday was my fabulous birthday dinner Friday night at a great place called Portico in Johnson City. And the second cherry on top was my best friend and her fiance surprising me by accompanying us on that special dinner! And all of that was topped off by a fun day downtown browsing shops and going to the farmers market on Saturday. And a wonderful, HOT day at the lake on Sunday.


In other news, this dress is everything! I really want it in this color too... typical. It's so comfy I could sleep in it AND it has pockets, y'all! Pockets in a dress is a jackpot in my book. Isn't the muted lilac color so pretty too? For under $34 you really can't beat it!

dress ($34 and comes in 8 different colors) | similar heels (under $35) | watch | bracelet 

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  1. Happy birthday weekend! So glad you got to enjoy some time to yourself, but your snaps were cracking me up!! This dress is so fab on you and such a perfect Spring color - off to check it out :)

  2. Birthday weekends are the best-so glad you had such a good one!

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend!!! I'm glad that you had a fun birthday celebration too. Love that dress on you, that color looks great on you. I also LOVE your nail polish color!! :-)

  4. So glad that you had a great birthday weekend - this dress/color is gorgeous on you!

  5. You look beautiful! The outfit is so simple yet so stylish! Love your hair like that!

  6. Beautiful dress! So glad to hear you had an amazing birthday weekend :]

  7. That color is gorgeous on you! Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I totally hear you on loving some free time, but then really missing your little. So hard to find a balance!

  8. That dress is so lovely! The color looks wonderful on you. What a special birthday gift. Maddox is my favorite boy name, I've only heard of one other!
    Darling, Dearest


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