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One Room Challenge || Master Bathroom || Week 3

I can't believe we're halfway into the One Room Challenge! I just joined in last week so you can see my before pictures and vision board here.

I honestly had a moment this week when I said to myself, "why am I doing this?". Up until last night the only thing I had done in the master bathroom was make purchases for new linens. #shriek I told my husband when he got home from work that after Maddox went to bed something had to happen - so we cranked up some music and installed a few drawer knobs, took down the shelf above the toilet, added some mud and started painting. We didn't get very far, but we started and that's what counts!

I apologize this pictures have poor lighting and are grainy. I messed with some settings on the camera and I have no clue what I did! #oopsie

I love how much the gray brightens up the room already and it's only on 1/4 of the walls.

I made some purchases last week that got me really excited! I really want this space to be stark white and clean with the exception of slight grays here and there, the brushed nickel hardware and the constant bouquet of fresh flowers.

So I purchased this shower curtain from Target. I'm really excited about the girly element to it with the pinched pleats! And I also purchased this bath mat from West Elm to go directly in front of the shower. I contemplated buying three of those bath mats and putting the other two in front of our sinks, but I think I want to do two plain white mats with no detail or one long one. We used to have one long one and I loved it for the fact that my feet didn't have to touch bare tile in the morning (the worst!). I just haven't made my mind up yet. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

I have also been in contact with a few companies to get the counter-tops cut. Through the process of doing this and talking prices I've decided to go with under-mount sinks instead of glass bowl sinks. I've been told multiple times now that glass bowl sinks have a tendency to crack and leak. After hearing that for the third time my red flags went up! Thinking about it though, I'm actually happier with the idea of under-mount sinks so the small counter space looks bigger and much "cleaner". I think it's going to be the better route.

I'm hoping to be super productive this week in finishing up the paint on the walls, ceiling and crown molding, finish installing the drawer pulls and start painting the bathtub faucet and trim. 

If you want to be super impressed and inspired make sure you visit Calling It Home and scroll through everyone's pages. The talent is incredible!

4 comments on "One Room Challenge || Master Bathroom || Week 3"
  1. The light grey brightens up the whole space! And I think the Threshold shower curtains are the best lately - we just bought one that perfectly matches our new wall color.

  2. Ohhh your bathroom is so big and dreamy - that tub! Can't wait to see it all. Love the gray!

  3. Yay for getting started!! I love the paint color and it makes such a difference to brighten everything up. I also love the hardware you chose. I'd like to do the exact same hardware in our bathrooms!

  4. The new paint color definitely does help lighten up the space! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.


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