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Shift Into Summer


Oh my gosh - a blog post! With an outfit! Are you pooping your pants? Okay that's a little much, but seriously, are you as shocked as I am? All of your amazing comments on my last post really motivated and encouraged me to come back! I seriously owe all my thanks to you and that desire deep in my heart that was screaming, "DON'T QUIT"! Before I left for vacation I got my ducks in a row and got myself organized. Then I took that beautiful week in Islamorada, FL to rejuvenate my soul and now here I am. Rested and ready for action! I seriously can't thank y'all enough for your sweet words of encouragement over the last month and a half. You've been amazing and I wish I could hug each and every one of you individually! So consider yourself hugged.

Now to the outfit... I wore this shift dress one day that we headed out to lunch for some fresh seafood. The weather was anywhere from 74 degress to 84 with a slight breeze so it was seriously so refreshing to be in a dress. Unfortunately I can't find this specific dress on Target's website, but I did buy it right before we left on our trip so there is a chance it's still available in your store. If not, this dress and this dress are both similar and beautiful!

Make sure you head over to my Instagram post here and enter to win a $50 credit to SwimZip! It's only open until Wednesday the 13th at midnight EST. You could get something super cute for your vacation this summer. I'm talking one of these gorgeous roundie beach towels or maybe something for your little girl or little boy to wear.
6 comments on "Shift Into Summer"
  1. Hooray, a blog post :) I was dying over your snaps last week! Your trip looked amazing - can't wait to hear more about it!!

  2. I was so excited to see you in my feed this morning! This dress is gorgeous on you - I loved all your snaps from the trip.

  3. Sometimes a break is the best thing you can do!! I took one just over the weekend.. it was short, but avoiding the blog land, social media world.. was really really good for my soul. you look adorable!

  4. Love, love this on you! The pattern is so pretty and it's so perfect for summer!

  5. Love that dress so much!! Your little one is adorable too. :-)

  6. Happy to see you back! Your vacation looked amazing!! XO -Anna


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