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OREOgasm No-Churn Ice Cream


I don't bake.

Because I can't bake.

My husband knows this all too well after many failed attempts at cookies and cakes. So when he came to me with this recipe for his birthday I was totally stoked knowing I can make this! Finally - something foolproof that I can't screw up!

Seriously y'all, you can't screw this up and there are about a thousand different directions you could take this to meet your desires as far as taste. Sugar cookie, cookie dough, butterscotch, brownie bite... the options are endless. My husband personally loves Oreo's and cookies n' cream milkshakes so this was obviously right up his alley.


1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
30 crushed Oreo's, reserve about 1/4 cup for topping
1/4 cup caramel
1/4 cup chocolate sauce


In a mixer, whip heavy whipping cream until peaks form. Once peaks form, fold in condensed milk and crushed Oreo's. Softly stir in caramel and chocolate sauce. Transfer to a 9x5" loaf pan, top with remaining crushed Oreo's and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauce. Freeze until firm about 4-5 hours.

We could hardly wait to dig into this when I pulled it out of the freezer. The frosted glass and chocolate oozing over the sides... I mean?? It was just as delectable as it looks. We shared it with Jon's family (against my desire to share) and everyone enjoyed this so much it's going to be a new "regular" at holidays and birthdays.

Don't blame me when your jeans fit a little tighter after you make this. I swear it will be worth it. Swear!

Want to pin it for later?

A Dress Solely for Date Night


Can we all agree off the shoulder dresses and tops are so freaking feminine. I die for them! This may sound super weird, but I think a woman's clavicle is so dainty and becoming. So when it's exposed in an off the shoulder dress it's really just so pretty. This dress from A Cut Above is extremely comfortable and the tassel detail is really what sold me on purchasing it, but I definitely have to mention this is a baby free dress! There is no way you would find me wearing this around Maddox for fear of him exposing the... ahem... ladies. So it is solely for date night, but luckily it's perfect for just that.

In random, unrelated news, I'm starting to think we will never come up with or agree on a name for baby girl. I swear, with Maddox we had his name picked out at 15 weeks (maybe sooner!?). I am NOT okay with waiting until she's born and seeing what feels right. I can't make last minute decisions like that, it gives me hives just thinking about it. I am anxious to call her something other than "baby girl" and get personalized items. Ugh - the struggle is real.

Transitioning a Shirt Dress From Playdate to Datenight

picking out his first donut
his mind is about to be blown!

And now transitioning to datenight...

I simply loose the jean jacket, swap the sandals for heels and add a cute clutch and choker.

Daytime look: dress | similar jean jacket | sandals | sunglasses | necklace

Nighttime look: similar wedges | clutch | ring

I've become more aware of how to dress practically in my second pregnancy. And one of the many ways to do that is to dress in something you can change the style of by swapping out a few accessories. Quite often I'm going from running around town to dropping Maddox off with his MiMi and heading out for a date night with my man or a girls night with my ladies!

I've found that shirt dresses (this one in particular comes in 6 colors) are so comfortable for play dates or running around town eating donuts... and a jean jacket and sandals give it a casual feel. Then once Maddox is dropped off with his MiMi I throw on my favorite black wedges (these are almost identical) and I add a clutch for a cute finishing touch. Don't forget to throw on some lipstick before you head out!

Oh and when did chokers make it back into style?

Baby Girl's Nursery Moodboard

If you follow me on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you got a little tour of the future nursery for our second little one. You also knew that last Friday we had our anatomy scan to confirm it was in fact a little dude like we had been told previously. And we were quite shocked to receive the news that we are having a girl! We are so excited! Every time we talk about her and say "her" or "she" it feels so weird to us! She and Maddox will only be 17 months apart. #sendcoffee I pray they grow up so close, Maddox being her protector.

So now that we know it's a girl I am in full swing decorating/get this ish done mode. I really want to get her nursery done because ONE: I feel great and have energy. I'm not banking on feeling this way in my third trimester. TWO: I'm afraid I'll go early. I went to 41 weeks with Maddox, but I hear second babies comes sooner. THREE: I am still on a high from finishing our master bathroom for the One Room Challenge. Did you see the reveal? Isn't she pretty?

So I have a mood-board put together for the nursery/guestroom. This room has to double as a place for our guests to stay so I made sure to keep it very neutral (my love language) while still giving it a child-like, playful, girly feel.

Tell me what you think!
Neutral Girl Nursery

I really want the space to feel light and airy, but feminine. Keeping with my style I went with neutrals with small touches of wood. Of course with the addition of soft pops of color (hello blush) dispersed about. My husband and I plan on building a custom headboard because we are crafty like that and I don't want to spend big bucks on something we can make on a dime. Don't worry I plan on blogging about this little big project because I kick myself for not blogging our custom headboard in our master bedroom. I constantly get questions about it.

I've already picked out the paint color and purchased the crib, glider, pouf, rug, chandelier, dresser, nightstands and mirror for her room. I got a little excited this weekend and Maddox took an extra long nap to let mama shop! So needless to say the ball is moving and you can expect to see lots of updates through Snapchat and my Instagram!

I'm so in love!

Investing In Friendship


top (under $40, comes in a few different colors) | denim ($13) & similar denim | jacket | sunglasses | heels | ring | purse | bracelet

There was a time in my life (a little over a year ago) when I felt like I had no friends. I had the occasional girlfriend, but it was beyond casual. I was a happy wife, but my life consisted of working and spending time with my husband. I was so desperate for deep female friendship that I spent so many nights begging God for friends. It sounds so pitiful and desperate, but it's true.

Once I found out I was pregnant with Maddox I contemplated joining the moms group at our church. It consisted of meeting once a month for two hours with other moms of all statutes, sharing a breakfast, devotion and some small talk. I was hesitant to join because I didn't have a physical child in my arms yet, had no clue what being a mother looked like and beyond that, I was so desperate for friends I was almost scared to go looking for them.

One Sunday, this moms group had a booth set up in our lobby after service. Jon literally shoved me in their direction. Gently holding my baby belly I walked up to the two women standing in front of the booth and said, "I'm not a mom, but I'd love to join once I am." I will never forget, my now friend Lauren, grabbed my shoulders and said, "Are you kidding me? You are a mom! You are joining!"

And that was that.

In the last year I have been curating friendships with dozens of mothers. My heart has been shaped and transformed by these women. I now know what it feels like to be invested in by my friends and what it feels like to turn around and invest back into those friendships. I have the opportunities to bless expecting moms who are exactly where I was a little over a year ago with that sheepish grin and welcome them with open arms.

My weeks are full of playdates, momlife stories shared, lots of coffee and text messages exchanging momlife moments of the day.

God fulfilled a total void in my heart. But my biggest take away, something I reflect on daily, is being intentional to invest in these friendships. Invest in those around you who check in, send you cards, take time to send you a simple text. Pour back into those people in your life. It comes full circle.

A Trusted Company For Maternity Clothing


I would just like to pre-face this post by mentioning that this is not a sponsored post. As I was reading over it I realized I am raving about a company left and right, but it's completely genuine. I'm not being paid to write this - in case that sort of thing bothers you :)

This being my second pregnancy I feel like I have a pretty good handle on dressing the bump. I know what's comfortable, practical,  flattering and stylish. If you've followed me on this blog for any amount of time you know that I am not willing to sacrifice style for comfort. I want both.

I can have my cake and eat it too, dangit!

Which brings me to this dress (not maternity) I recently purchased from Pink Blush. I have worked several collaborations with PB and more are planned for the future and because of that I have become a frequent shopper on their site (in fact the UPS man should be stopping by any minute with another package of maternity jeans and shorts). Their maternity jeans are my ultimate favorite!  #ifyouaremyhusbandpleaselookaway #orforgiveme

PB is a trusted company, y'all. I've purchase from them over and over again because the quality of the clothing is exactly what you pay for and I am never EVER sacrificing my style for comfort with their pieces. You can have them both! Not to mention the service is impeccable - I typically receive my package within 4-5 days of ordering, sometimes sooner! And I've personally spoken with four different people that work there and each time it's been a pleasure. I swear they are the nicest, most down to earth women ever.

I honestly think my favorite part about Pink Blush is that their maternity site looks just like their non-maternity site. Do you know what that means? Just because you are pregnant does NOT mean you have to dress frumpy or boring. You can wear the same beautiful things as non-pregnant woman and a majority of the time these pieces are on the same comfort level as the yoga pants you really want to be rocking. Can I get an amen?

So head over to Pink Blush and find a pretty new number for your closet. They are currently offering 15% off your first order, but who are we kidding, they offer new discounts daily because they rock!