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Boho Vibes

 top (only $22) || similar skirt || sandals (under $13) || similar bracelet

Run your fingers through your hair because it's Friday! I'm a stay at home mom, why the heck do I still get excited over Friday's? Saturday and Sunday are just like Monday - Friday. Oh I know! Because my rock-star husband is home to help with the grunt work -aka- my toddler :)

Between that statement and Wednesday's post y'all are going to start thinking I dislike my child. Please don't think that - I'm so in love with him it physically hurts. But any parent of a toddler knows that ish ain't easy eerrrryday. This post by one of my favorites, Cait, blogger buddy turned real life friend, kinda puts it perfectly if you ask me.

So to all you mamas out there, my prayer for you is that your child suddenly understands Saturdays are for sleeping in and running to Daddy when you need more milk or a diaper change. Amen.

On a style related note - don't buy these sandals I am pictured wearing. I repeat, don't buy them. I saw $12.90 and just about purchased every color, but thank goodness some screeching voice in my head stopped me. They are super cute and not to shabby on the side of comfort. The only problem is the thong is flimsy causing me to trip in them 20 times a day! I'm talking I stumble over my own feet, just about to face plant. I do that enough as it is, I don't need a sandal aiding me in this department. 

8 comments on "Boho Vibes "
  1. you look adorable as always!!! Kids can be total little whirlwinds jerks sometimes... as much as we'd die for them and love them like crazy. I know exactly what you mean!!! I'm always wary of shoes like that style for that reason.. I don't need to trip more than I already do!

  2. Always love a boho look on you - you pull it off so well! I can imagine it's helpful to have the husband around to help with the toddler - I feel the same way about Ryan being home to help with our dog, ha!

  3. Oh mama, SAHM is such a hard job, I don't blame you for being ready for the weekend! Thanks for the shout out, you're too sweet :) Also SO glad you mentioned those sandals because I've been wanting to get them! Definitely rethinking that on account of the tripping hazard! haha

    1. Also you look so pretty! Then again you always do, its not fair!

  4. You are the absolute curtest preggers EVER!!!!
    Your hair looks SO cute!

    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. Bummer about the sandals, I've definitely been there, but this outfit is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Your outfit is so beautiful! I just love how flowy it is! Those sandals are beautiful. It's a shame they're on the flimsy side though. I'm clumsy on my own, too so I don't need any help either. Here's hoping you get a relaxing weekend!

  7. You totally rock the boho look like a pro! Happy Friday!


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