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One Room Challenge | Master Bathroom REVEAL


Wahoooooo! I can't believe it's reveal day! Six weeks sounds like a lot of time until you are in the midst of it, finalizing details and working late nights just to get projects finished in these few short weeks. We managed to finish earlier this week in time for me to decorate like a mad woman and snap pictures of our new lovely space. I'm so in love with the way our master bathroom turned out. After sharing my before pictures along with the mood board and starting the painting process a whole new vision came to mind. I ended up making some tweaks from my original thought process for this room. I am a lover of the modern, farmhouse look and the rest of the rooms I've completed in our house encompass just that look. So I added in a sprinkle of "farmhouse" to our extremely modern and white bathroom and I just fell head over heels for her.

Did you look at the before pictures? You need to for the full effect. In case you are too lazy to click that little link I'll throw a picture in here for you.

Let's get to the good stuff shall we? Oh and if you see something you like I totally wouldn't mind if you pinned it to Pinterest :-)

** All products used, paint colors, decor items, etc are mentioned at the very bottom of this post.

We DIYed the shelves and it was SO simple!
This vanity light fixture is everything!
I love this picture of Jon and I from our engagement photos <3

Isn't she lovely? I plan on lighting a candle and soaking in a bubble bath in here tonight and sighing a big sigh of relief that another room in our home is complete! Yippeeee!

So here's what we updated.
- Painted walls and trim
- New light fixture
- New sinks faucets
- Frame around mirror
- Shelving above toilet
- Handles on bathroom cabinetry
- Updated decor/linens

The two upgrades that didn't happen were the granite counter-top (it just wasn't in the budget). And I did not get around to painting the bathtub faucet and knobs. I sanded them down, but we started doing research about replacing the knobs and time just got away from us. Those are two upgrades I plan on completing as the budget and time allow :)

Paint Color: Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams
Light fixture: Lowes Hardware
Sink faucets: Lowes Hardware
Towels: Target
Towel Rack (similar): Target
Shower Curtain: Target
Shower bathmat: West Elm
Sink bathmats: TJMaxx
Hand Soaps: TJMaxx
Mirror frame: Custom made with wood from Lowes Hardware
Shelves above toilet: Custom made with this, this and this Lowes Hardware
Tin container: Lowes Hardware
Fern: Ikea
Orchid: TJMaxx
"Love" sign: Target
Containers with cottonballs & soap: JCPennys
Toilet bowl cleaner: TJMaxx
Bubble Bath Soap: TJMaxx

A big thanks to Calling It Home for hosting this super fun event! I will definitely be joining in again in October because this project light a fire under my booty and I need that when it comes to sprucing up our home. Make sure to check out all the amazing featured transformations and guest participants too!

24 comments on "One Room Challenge | Master Bathroom REVEAL"
  1. It looks soooo good! Isn't it crazy what a difference even just paint makes?! Love how light, bright and airy it is - so relaxing! And good to know there is another challenge coming up in October, totally joining in for that!

  2. Love it!! It looks awesome! Love the modern farmhouse touches and those engagement pictures are the perfect compliment to that look! Nice work!

  3. This is so unbelievably cute! Pinning for ideas later :)

  4. It looks so good! I've been excited to see the reveal since I've been watching it all take shape on Snapchat. I need to work on getting the rest of our house done :P

  5. love, love, love! such a gorgeous change!

  6. Loveeee! You guys did a fabulous job. In love with the light fixture for sure.

  7. Ahhh!!! It's so gorgeous!!! I can't even handle it. Will you come decorate my house? I love your style it's so beautiful. I'm definitely pinning all of these photos to my dream bathroom board!

  8. It looks perfect! Love the changes! I think you definitely achieved the modern farmhouse look you were going for, which is reflected in all of the details. Love!

  9. It looks so so good! Yay for the ORC being complete! (off to pin some of these images!)

    Southern Style

  10. Just in time for lots and lots of relaxing preggo baths!! Love how your space turned out and can't wait to follow along with baby numero dos!

  11. So pretty! Turned out beautiful and what a transformation.

  12. It turned out SO good! All your hard work and effort totally was worth it. I love the modern farmhouse style (as you already know), so I'm totally going to implement some of these styles into our own bathrooms. You should do a post on those DIY shelves, just saying. :)

  13. It is wonderful!!! Such a big change! I have high hopes for DIYing those same shelves for our upstairs bathroom makeover....whenever that happens someday :p

  14. Your bathroom came out amazing! Good job pulling it off, I know it was probably hard with you all being sick. It's gorgeous!

  15. Ha, funny how our redo has some similarities! I love the lights and how everything else came together nicely. The room looks brighter too with your new paint!!

  16. Beautiful! This is exactly my style too. Those towels are beautiful!

  17. Those shelves are very cool! I love how you styled them too!

  18. Oh girl! This bathroom is so gorgeous! It has a spa like feel to it but I love the personal touch you added with your engagement picture. That picture is perfection, by the way. I never would have thought to add a picture like that in the bathroom but now that I saw you do it, it's on my mind! Gorgeous! I'd probably never leave that bathroom if it were in my house.

  19. Girl this looks so amazing!!! You've completely transformed the look (and I'm sure feel!) of this space! Even with the things you didn't get to do this time, it looks awesome! Congrats to checking another room off of the list! xx

  20. Love all the updates you made especially the paint, and those shelves and lighting! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!


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