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OREOgasm No-Churn Ice Cream


I don't bake.

Because I can't bake.

My husband knows this all too well after many failed attempts at cookies and cakes. So when he came to me with this recipe for his birthday I was totally stoked knowing I can make this! Finally - something foolproof that I can't screw up!

Seriously y'all, you can't screw this up and there are about a thousand different directions you could take this to meet your desires as far as taste. Sugar cookie, cookie dough, butterscotch, brownie bite... the options are endless. My husband personally loves Oreo's and cookies n' cream milkshakes so this was obviously right up his alley.


1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
30 crushed Oreo's, reserve about 1/4 cup for topping
1/4 cup caramel
1/4 cup chocolate sauce


In a mixer, whip heavy whipping cream until peaks form. Once peaks form, fold in condensed milk and crushed Oreo's. Softly stir in caramel and chocolate sauce. Transfer to a 9x5" loaf pan, top with remaining crushed Oreo's and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauce. Freeze until firm about 4-5 hours.

We could hardly wait to dig into this when I pulled it out of the freezer. The frosted glass and chocolate oozing over the sides... I mean?? It was just as delectable as it looks. We shared it with Jon's family (against my desire to share) and everyone enjoyed this so much it's going to be a new "regular" at holidays and birthdays.

Don't blame me when your jeans fit a little tighter after you make this. I swear it will be worth it. Swear!

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10 comments on "OREOgasm No-Churn Ice Cream"
  1. Holy cow this looks amazing! Totally making this for my husband's birthday!

  2. YAAAAAS! I literally was drooling when I saw you making this on Snapchat. It looks SO good.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. This will most definitely be happening ASAP! Oreos + ice cream are pretty much my love language ;)

  4. I have this pinned and I haven't had an occasion to make it so maybe I will make it "just" because, haha. I am so glad to read that it is easy and turned out delicious!

  5. this look so amazing!! i saw it on your snap and wanted to make it! and i have those bowls- love. have a great week!!

  6. I am the worst. baker. ever. Probably because I don't have the patience to sift things orrr maybe even properly read directions? Idk either way I suck! THIS though. This I can get behind!! My husband's favorite dessert is an Oreo Blizzard from DQ so this sounds like it would be a hit!!

  7. Not only is this name the best name for a dessert, but it really does look like the name suits it perfectly!! YUM!

  8. Looks like I have an idea of what to bake next! Looks simply delicious! :)

  9. This seriously has been on my mind since you Snapchatted it!! I need to make this pronto! Maybe I'll pick up the stuff for it and we'll eat it for our anniversary dessert tonight :)


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