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The Start To Healthy Living


About two weeks ago, while sitting outside basking in the sun, watching my son play I happened to look down at my legs and immediately felt a wave of disappointment. There it was... cellulite on my thighs and spider veins beginning to pop out in various places. This led to a Snapchat rant (username: themoderntulip). Right after said rant my brain went into "fix it" mode. What's the next step? Where do I start? How can I fix this?

All I knew in that moment was my determination to get back to a healthy lifestyle was fierce and motivated.

I asked on my Snapchat if y'all would be interested in hearing about my health journey from this point out here on the blog and the response was WAY bigger than I expected. First of all, I was encouraged by so many of you b-e-a-utiful ladies reminding me to be easy on myself considering I am incubating a human and all. Thank you for that! And then I was also asked to share my happenings here on the blog along the way.

You ask and you shall receive my friends! I've been going strong for two weeks so I thought I would start sharing what I'm doing.

I thought I would kick it off with a quick recap of how I got to this point and what my intentions are now as of this moment. Sound good?

I have always been athletic, playing sports my entire childhood/high-school life. Then I went into the police academy and my love for strength and fitness grew even stronger as I was constantly pushed to my limits. Soon after graduating and marrying Jon I gained a little bit of "happiness" weight, but it was a fluctuating 5lbs. No big deal to me, but I had a desire to get back to my strong/fit self again so Jon and I joined Planet Fitness in June of 2014. We went every day after work for 4 weeks and ate clean on top of it and it showed. I was so happy with where I was at this point. Healthy, strong and lean. You can see what I looked like after 4 weeks in this post. I even started sharing a series on my blog of my workouts from the gym like this back and bicep routine, but I never finished sharing because...

A few short weeks after those pictures were taken we found out we were pregnant! I was extremely happy to be pregnant and I credited it to my health because we had been trying for over a year. You can read about that here, here and here.

I gained about 30lbs with Maddox so after he was born and a few short months of nursing and working out I was back to my per-pregnancy body once again. And then... we found out we were pregnant again this year! Another HUGE blessing! Except for with this pregnancy I have dove off the healthy bandwagon. I continually have blamed it on baby girl wanting every sweet and sugary along side taking care of a toddler and not having the time or energy to make healthy food or workout.

EXCUSES! And it has shown on my body. I've gained a ton of weight already and I'm only 26 weeks. I have love handles, cellulite, spider veins, acne, my face has gained weight. I am groggy and have zero energy most days and that's unfair to my 15 month old.

So now you are all up to date and we are here, two weeks in on my journey back to healthy living. I have been taking it easy on the workout side of things (doctors orders) and only working out lightly 2-3 days a week. I have changed my diet in a major way - you Snapchat peeps know because I share every meal over there to keep me accountable! I know I have to be extremely careful to still get enough nutrients for baby girl so I have gone lean, clean and green. Lots of water. And I am still finding ways to have a sweet, but healthy snack during the day or at night when the sugar bugs comes out strong. So far it's working like a charm. I have more energy, my face has cleared up and I feel less "chubby" already even though you can't tell since my belly is constantly growing!

I am so excited to not only share my journey with y'all along the way, but to be motivated by you and your sweet support! Thank you for continually being kind and offering encouragement to me! Y'all are the best thing since fried rice! Mmmmm.... fried rice. #justkidding #sortof #willpower

Currently Obsessed || Skin & Body Products


robe c/o Pink Blush Maternity

I am a product junkie. I love trying new things and switching up my routine constantly. Because of this I am finding products that I constantly go back to because I notice a big difference if I stop using them. I'm going to share some of my ride-or-die skincare products with you that I have decided I can't live without. Some of these may be old news to you, but you may just find your new beauty must have if you haven't tried any of these yet. 

FYI: I have normal to dry skin.

one // beautycounter lip conditioner. I apply this multiple times a day. Always at morning and night I have noticed a huge difference in the way my lipstick goes on and lasts after using this daily. I never have dry, cracked or chapped lips. I've been really intrigued by BC products lately. I love their mission to create safe, non-toxic products that still get the job done.

two // rosehip oil face serum. I use this morning and night in place of a moisturizer because it leaves my face feeling SO hydrated! Rosehip oil has a ton of benefits including wrinkles, pigmentation, scaring, dry skin, sun damage and more. 

three // dead sea mud mask. I love using a mask once a week to detoxify my skin and give it some rejuvenation. Dirty hands are constantly touching my face with my little man so I like to give my face a restart each week with a 10 minute mask. I really want to try the Tula mask, but for now I'm sticking to this one because it feels so refreshing. As soon as I put it on the essential oils become so fragrant and feel like they are pulling everything out of my pores. Beware though, it's one of those masks where you feel like your face with crack and shatter if you move a muscle!

four // rosewater facial spray. This is one of those products I will NEVER stop using daily and it's less than $10. I spray it morning and night after I've finished cleansing my face. And I bring it to the pool and beach too if I'm laying out and get super hot. It's so refreshing! I took this with me to the hospital when I went to have Maddox and used it multiple times during birth. Hospitals are so dry don't you think?

five // coconut oil. Not only do I bake with it, but I slather my entire body with it too every night after I shower! It's so amazing for preventing stretch marks (I didn't get a single one with Maddox and 26 weeks in with baby girl and I'm still in the clear)! Plus it's so moisturizing and brightens my skin right up. TMI - but I also used this when I was nursing and it really helped with cracked nipples plus it's safe for baby! Coconut oil has SO many benefits just look online.

And there you have it, my "I can't live without them" products I use daily and swear by. 

Do you have a product you replace as soon as it runs out? I'm always looking to try new things :)

Summer Nights Out


Jon's Outfit: shirt | shorts | shoes | watch | sunglasses
Maddox's Outfit: shirt | shorts | similar shoes

Sweet Summertime, I can't get enough of you. Our new Friday night routine consists of White Duck Taco / Yeehaw Brewing Company for dinner - hellloooooo fish tacos! Followed by live music in Founders Park and the cherry on top? A blizzard at Dairy Queen on the way home. Y'all... I love it!

I love that our little town hosts such fun, family friendly events in the Summer. Founders Park is also where they have free yoga in the park twice a week. I haven't made it to any sessions this year, but last year I was there frequently.

I really don't have a whole lot to report. This was such a great Father's Day weekend doing a whole lot of nothing besides stuffing our faces with watermelon and watching Maddox splash in his pool. Jon and I agree that Summer should never come to an end other than the fact that we get a sweet, precious gift at the end of this Summer in the form of a small baby girl. #allthesqueals

The Man I Want My Son To Be


In honor of Father's Day this weekend I wanted to take a minute and shout some love out to my amazing husband, who is not only the love of my life and father of my babies, but is also the amateur photographer who takes all my style blog pictures in case you didn't know! He got a chance to be in front of the lens this time and he was a total ham!

Dear Hubby Love,

Thank you for being the man I always dreamed of sharing my life with. You are exactly what I envisioned when I pictured a husband for myself and father for my children. You take on your roles from a Godly stand point and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I want Maddox to grow up to be just like you. Kind, gentle, manly, eager, willing to serve, good-hearted, unselfish, strong in your faith, dedicated, honest and the list goes on. You are such an incredible role model for our son and I feel so blessed to be able to watch you and Maddox together. The way his face lights up when he sees you come home from work, the way you two have tickle fights and chase one another around the house. Catching you two eating whipped cream from the can. Watching you mow together outside or throw ball on the porch. My heart is full knowing my son gets to grow up feeling encouraged and uplifted by his dad.

You are the best and this Father's Day we are celebrating you to the max! I may even make your favorite dessert for you again! #wifeyaward I hope you enjoy your new shoes - thank you for finally expanding your wardrobe after years of nagging.

I love you babe. Thanks for being you.


Thank you to Skechers for sponsoring this post and thank YOU, my beautiful readers, for supporting the brands who support The Modern Tulip. You are awesome-sauce!

Honeymoon Gift Basket

HoneyMoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket

So you are probably tired of hearing about my best friends wedding considering it's been over a week long celebration starting with her bachelorette party last weekend and all the fun festivities like her lingerie shower, bridal brunch, rehearsal dinner etc. But it has been such a blast and I can't believe she is finally Mrs. Greene!

Since her wedding was in NC, the bride and groom offered for us to stay in their new home and I wanted to do something fun for them since we would be the last people at their house before they came home to it on their wedding night. And I wanted to share this idea since it's wedding season right now and I am sure you have at least one wedding on the calendar.

I thought about smothering the bed in rose petals and having candles everywhere and that just felt down right weird and tacky. So instead I put together a fun little honeymoon basket they could take with them when they left Sunday morning. They are going to the beach so I started with a fun little beach tote ($3 in the Target aisle months ago).

Honeymoon Gift Basket for travel

I added in all their favorite snacks and goodies that they love for their road trip and beach day snackin' needs. And then of course some flip flops and sunscreen. Then the fun stuff... like under-eye cream (for their lack of sleep if you catch my drift...), Listerine and gum for fresh breathe, shaving cream for smooth legs, KY for... well you know.

Anyways, I just had a lot of fun with it adding in some goofy items to hopefully make them giggle, but also adding things they will actually use and need on their trip. You could theme this basket easily if the couple is going to a very specific place like Italy or Mexico, etc. I think the important part is to add some personalized pieces specific to what they like, add some funny items to make them squirm and giggle and then some actual necessity pieces they might need or use.

Have fun with it!

Other ideas for a honeymoon gift basket:

- a great bottle of wine
- books, magazines
- travel guide if going out of the country
- beach towels
- personalized tumblers
- personalized luggage tags
- bubble bath
- airplane goodies like head pillow, eye mask, etc for long flights

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

Gold Macbook Air & Kate Spade Tote Giveaway!


I have a fun little huge giveaway to share with you today, but first...  my dapper dude in his ring bearer get-up because it's too freaking cute not to share. I have all the heart eyes for this little man in his precious southern gentlemen outfit.

I could not stop staring at him all night long, y'all. I know this outfit made him look older anyway, but I couldn't stop looking at him and wondering how he got so big so fast!? Bless! I love the little man he is turning into (aside from the temper tantrums thrown almost daily #workingonit) and I am just so proud to be his mama.

And I'm even more proud to be this man's wifey and baby girl's mama too! All the feels for my growing family y'all!

Speaking of baby girl, we have a check up for her this morning and after that... rest with a side of laundry. I am party pooped out and knee deep in dirty clothes. I sure hope your Monday looks prettier than mine, but if it doesn't this GIVEAWAY should help :) May the odds be ever in your favor! (name that movie and get bonus points with me!)

A group of bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you another amazing giveaway. Two lucky winners this time! The grand prize winner will receive a brand new 11.6 Gold Macbook Air + Kate Spade tote bag. Open to international contestants and must be 18+. Please review the full Terms & Conditions prior to entering. The more accounts you follow, the more chances you have of winning! We will pick the winners who are following all accounts. Good luck.

Mom Guilt

Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Baby Boy Style
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Mom Life
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Lily Jade Co Diaper Bag
Maternity Style, Summer Dress
Maternity Style, Summer Dress

dress || similar jean jacket || similar sandals || hair tie bracelet (use themoderntulip for 20% off!) || bar necklace 

Lately I have caught myself numerous times begging pleading for time to slow down. This pregnancy is flying by and I'm struggling with the idea of having two kids. Actually, let me rephrase that. I am struggling with the idea of balancing focus, love, affection, one on one time, etc with two kids.

Maddox is the apple of my eye and when we are playing together my mind starts to wander as I picture having a baby girl in my arms during these scenarios. I keeping thinking, "how will I pay full attention to Maddox and show interest in every flower he hands me or cheerio he tries to feed me?" Instantly my heart sinks.

And vice versa, how will I manage to coo and snuggle and love on baby girl when I'm busy keeping Maddox from eating mulch and falling off curbs?

Am I awful? I don't want to come off sounding like I am not THRILLED to be blessed with another beautiful baby. And I know she is absolutely going to steal my heart in a new way. I am just sad and feeling a bit burdened at the thought of taking the 100% focus off Maddox and I'm worried about showing each of my precious babies the attention they deserve.

This is normal, right?

PS. Completely unrelated, but pertaining to this outfit, this dress is insanely comfortable. I bought it to wear to my best friends bridal brunch tomorrow and I'm so happy with it. I can move around easily with Maddox in it. Plus it fits my (ever growing) pregnant body perfectly without hugging me in all the wrong places if you know what I mean. And it's under $24 in a bunch of different Summery prints too!

DIY Modern Farmhouse Wood & Metal Shelves

DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood
DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood

When I posted my master bathroom reveal I got so many requests for a tutorial on how to make the custom wood and metal modern, farmhouse inspired shelves we have floating above our toilet. Would you believe me if I told you this project only costed us about $78?

When redesigning my bathroom I knew I wanted something open and industrial looking to offset the feminine, dainty bathroom I was creating. I have a love affair for modern design with touches of rustic, farmhouse decor so basically I wish Joanna Gaines and I were BFF's, but until then I will stalk her Instagram and watch Fixer Upper on repeat and continue to dream of sipping coffee with her while picking her brain.

These shelves were a must for me in our bathroom and I knew it was something we could pull off easily with my strong, manly husband who can build all things ;-) #wifeypoints if he's reading this...

The metal pipes were put together with similar pipes, these flange fittings and these end caps all found at my local Lowes Hardware. We then cut one 6x2x10" piece of wood and stained it with a stain we had left over from doing our porch (I can't find the can with the name of the stain #badblogger). After everything was dry I we screwed the pipes into the wall. I recommend using sturdy screws, not a simple sheetrock screw. Then we simply laid the wood on top of them. The most common question I get is, "how is the wood attached to the metal?" And well, it isn't. Because we looked through every piece of wood in Lowes to find wood that was not bowed or bent, they sit evenly on the metal bars. Plus the weight of the decorations help to keep them in place. I am not constantly messing with them either. The most frequent thing I do is reach for that top basket to replace the toilet paper roll and that's it!

So I hope you find this helpful because your next step is to search your house for a spot to put these bad boys! I really want to build a larger set like this in our dining room to display my favorite dishes and decor pieces!

Are we Pinterest friends? Because we should be! I have boards dedicated to lots of modern, farmhouse decor and design (plus a whole lot more) over there if that's your thing!

DIY Modern Farmhouse Shelving with Metal and Wood