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Emily of The Freckled Fox

I have been in tears daily after reading this post from Emily of The Freckled Fox. If you haven't followed Emily or heard of her, she is a beautiful mother of 5 babies all within a five year span. She's basically superwoman. Her husband, Martin, was diagnosed over a year ago with stage four melanoma and she has been sharing their fight together in such a graceful, optimistic manner. I am in awe of her.

The Freckled Fox

A little over a week ago Martin was given a few weeks to live.

I legitimately can't get past that statement without picturing their marriage and their babies and asking God, "why"? And I'm not even in their shoes.

The Freckled Fox

I honestly can't think of one a single post Emily has shared on her blog or social media that hasn't been raw, but so.... optimistic throughout this entire journey. Her heart is genuinely beautiful and she shares so vulnerably, but manages to do it gracefully. No to mention she rocks motherhood like no ones business. Watching her balance being a mother and a strong hold for her husband as he fights this fight has been such an inspiration to me.

I get lost in her story almost daily and find myself crying and praying for a family I have never met, but so truly wish I could individually hug. I want to squeeze her babies and wrap Emily up in my arms and offer some sort of comfort. It's such a helpless feeling from the outside looking in. I can't fathom her daily thoughts and struggles.

All I know is Emily and Martin have created a beautiful family together and they have always been such endearing people to watch online.

I am so thankful they are believers and have that faith to rely on.

The Freckled Fox

All of this blabbering is to share their story, if you didn't already know. And to ask you to offer support in any way you can whether it's a silent prayer, an uplifting comment on her blog or Instagram. Or if you'd like to financially give to their family you can go to this link and give a donation. Honestly, anything counts at this point to remind Emily she is not alone - she has a strong community standing behind her and Martin and their five beautiful babies.
10 comments on "Emily of The Freckled Fox"
  1. Such a sweet post, friend! I've been following Emily and Martin's story too, so so heartbreaking. So many prayers going their way right now.

  2. I've been following their story as well. My 14 year old sister passed away from leukemia a few years ago, so her journey is one I am all too familiar with. I love that she's maintained her poise, optimism and faith throughout his battle and continue to be strong for her family. She's definitely an inspiration to those of us who see minute daily obstacles as impassable challenges. Such a sweet family for such a tragedy to occur in.

    XO, Jaime |

    1. Jaime - I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. :(

      Maegan - thank you for sharing Emily's story.

  3. Beautiful post and beautiful family. Thank you for sharing--will be adding to my prayer list!

  4. Oh, this breaks my heart. I seriously can't even imagine. Off to check out Emily's blog, thank you for sharing! Sending so many prayers their way.

  5. Cue the waterworks! I will be praying faithfully for God's will to be done. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. I have truly been in awe of how strong she has been and continues to be for her family.

  7. I have been following her story for some time and I feel so awful. I am heartbroken that she and her kids will be losing their husband and father. Devastating is all I can think of. She is so amazingly strong through all of this. So many prayers her way.

  8. It is so sweet of you to reach out and speak about this. I cried when I read her last blog post, but felt silly considering I don't know them. But by reading your post I'm reminded that as believers, we hurt together, we pray together, and that's what God has called us to do. She is a beautiful, strong woman and I am blessed to be able to pray over her and her family. I'm holding my husband extra tight each night and thanking God for marriage and the promise of eternity. ❤️

  9. Thank you for sharing this! I had no idea, and I'm definitely off to share my prayers with her via the blog.


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