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Honeymoon Gift Basket

HoneyMoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket
Goodies for a Honeymoon Gift Basket

So you are probably tired of hearing about my best friends wedding considering it's been over a week long celebration starting with her bachelorette party last weekend and all the fun festivities like her lingerie shower, bridal brunch, rehearsal dinner etc. But it has been such a blast and I can't believe she is finally Mrs. Greene!

Since her wedding was in NC, the bride and groom offered for us to stay in their new home and I wanted to do something fun for them since we would be the last people at their house before they came home to it on their wedding night. And I wanted to share this idea since it's wedding season right now and I am sure you have at least one wedding on the calendar.

I thought about smothering the bed in rose petals and having candles everywhere and that just felt down right weird and tacky. So instead I put together a fun little honeymoon basket they could take with them when they left Sunday morning. They are going to the beach so I started with a fun little beach tote ($3 in the Target aisle months ago).

Honeymoon Gift Basket for travel

I added in all their favorite snacks and goodies that they love for their road trip and beach day snackin' needs. And then of course some flip flops and sunscreen. Then the fun stuff... like under-eye cream (for their lack of sleep if you catch my drift...), Listerine and gum for fresh breathe, shaving cream for smooth legs, KY for... well you know.

Anyways, I just had a lot of fun with it adding in some goofy items to hopefully make them giggle, but also adding things they will actually use and need on their trip. You could theme this basket easily if the couple is going to a very specific place like Italy or Mexico, etc. I think the important part is to add some personalized pieces specific to what they like, add some funny items to make them squirm and giggle and then some actual necessity pieces they might need or use.

Have fun with it!

Other ideas for a honeymoon gift basket:

- a great bottle of wine
- books, magazines
- travel guide if going out of the country
- beach towels
- personalized tumblers
- personalized luggage tags
- bubble bath
- airplane goodies like head pillow, eye mask, etc for long flights

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

8 comments on "Honeymoon Gift Basket"
  1. Someone did this for us and I was so thankful! Such a sweet gift.

  2. Such a great idea and so sweet!!

  3. This is such a good idea! My mom came and cleaned my house and stocked the fridge on our last day of our honeymoon so we had a few hours of no rush no fuss left once we got home before starting work on Monday. It was literally the best gift we received!

  4. This is such a sweet gift and gesture! I agree - rose pedals and candles in the room, plain tacky. This they actually can enjoy and use.

  5. Love this idea, gift baskets are always so fun to receive!

  6. Such a cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing! XO -Anna

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