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Summer Nights Out


Jon's Outfit: shirt | shorts | shoes | watch | sunglasses
Maddox's Outfit: shirt | shorts | similar shoes

Sweet Summertime, I can't get enough of you. Our new Friday night routine consists of White Duck Taco / Yeehaw Brewing Company for dinner - hellloooooo fish tacos! Followed by live music in Founders Park and the cherry on top? A blizzard at Dairy Queen on the way home. Y'all... I love it!

I love that our little town hosts such fun, family friendly events in the Summer. Founders Park is also where they have free yoga in the park twice a week. I haven't made it to any sessions this year, but last year I was there frequently.

I really don't have a whole lot to report. This was such a great Father's Day weekend doing a whole lot of nothing besides stuffing our faces with watermelon and watching Maddox splash in his pool. Jon and I agree that Summer should never come to an end other than the fact that we get a sweet, precious gift at the end of this Summer in the form of a small baby girl. #allthesqueals
8 comments on "Summer Nights Out"
  1. So glad that summer is treating you well! You have some of the cutest guys to escort you around town. :)

  2. Summer family nights are the best! I can't wait for our son to be a little older so we can get out and do some more of the fun stuff our town has to offer!!

  3. These pictures are just the cutest :) you have the best little family!

  4. Love this! Looks like such a fun time with your two guys!

  5. His expression in that second picture is just priceless!!

  6. i am expecting lot of fun :)

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the summer nights, Maddox is absolutely adorable too! Xo, Stephanie


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