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5 Steps To Organizational Freedom As A Blogger


Recently I did a "overhaul" let's call it, on my organizational system to blogging. I finally decided enough was enough when I realized I was actually ignoring all things blog and pushing it to the back burner because it was too overwhelming to tackle. I never want to feel that way about anything and I knew I had to do something so I took a step back to re-evaluate how I approach my blogging process.

this top is maternity and it's so stinking comfortable! And the flutter sleeve? I mean!
Here are 5 steps I took to relieve myself of some anxiety and get a plan of action for my blog instead of being so chaotic on a daily basis. You can easily implement these and I would honestly love to hear if you have anything to add to this list that you've tried and tested!

one || an editorial calendar

I truly don't know why it's taken me this long to figure this out, but man it helps to plan ahead instead of scrambling last minute! I finally created a monthly editorial calendar to plan my blog posts weeks in advance. Not only does this give me the ease of jotting down things I know I need to post about, but if I have free time I can look at this calendar and say, "okay I need to shoot pictures for this post coming up in a few days". And then I'm not scrambling to shoot and edit the day before. Plus this gives me extra time to get creative because I actually have time to think about the post verses throwing some words together late the night before. I personally am a hand written kinda gal so I made a white board that I can easily make new each month and erase if I need to swap blog posts out between days due to something coming up. If you prefer technology, I have heard CoSchedule is amazing, but you have to pay monthly for it. You can read a little more about CoSchedule here

two || a blog post checklist

What a stinking time saver! Create a list that you check off each time you are writing a post of all things you need to complete start to finish. Now you won't forget even the slightest detail AND if you aren't able to finish a post all at once you can look back at this list and see what still needs to be done before you can hit "publish". I am still working on tapering the list that works perfectly for me, but here is an example of what I mean:

          - reasearch topic
          - write post
          - proofread/edit
          - create pinnable image
          - edit photos
          - SEO/tags
          - schedule social media for post

three || schedule social media in advance

When you are done writing your blog post and you schedule it to go live, take a few extra minutes to plan the social media shares to go along with it. Now you aren't spending the entire day with your face buried in your phone trying to promote your post and you've shared when the topic was fresh on your mind. I use Hootsuite for Twitter and Facebook and Later (formerly Latergramme) for Instagram. I currently don't use anything for Pinterest and I just pin that day, but you could use Buffer or Tailwind.

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four || take a day off

I don't know about you, but my brain needs a break from time to time. And so often I find myself lacking inspiration, creativity or the ability to think a clear thought. When that happens the worst thing I can do is make myself blog because I get even more frustrated staring at a blinking cursor on my screen and I can hear the echo's of hollow emptiness inside my brain. By creating an editorial calendar and being ahead of the game, hopefully if you have these moments you already have a few posts under your sleeve and you can rest easy knowing tomorrow is another day you can take this one off.

five || when your brain is chugging, don't stop

On the complete opposite end of what I just mentioned, when your brain is in full swing blogger mode make haste! I can't tell you how many times my brain has started firing off ideas randomly at the most inconvenient times. Like on the couch at 10pm at night, when my husband gets up to go to bed and I follow suit because it's late, I know I have an early wake-up call in the form of a small child and I should probably sleep. BUT then I toss and turn in bed while my brain goes a mile a minute thinking of all the things I could be writing, scheduling, editing, planning. Then when I wake up in the morning it's all gone. POOF! Has this ever happened to you? Now I've learned to tell my husband I need a late night and I stay up into the wee hours blogging my heart out. Then when I wake up in the morning I don't typically leap out of bed, but I groggily wake up and feel a weight lifted off my chest knowing how much I got done. And rest assured there is a large enough amount of concealer to cover those dark circles under my eyes.

Well, I hope you found these tips helpful and you are on your way to a saner, less anxious you! If you did I would love it if you'd pin the image below so others bloggers in need can find this post.

Any words of wisdom or advice on this topic? Please share it in the comments below!

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9 comments on "5 Steps To Organizational Freedom As A Blogger"
  1. This post is exactly what I needed! I especially like #5 - this happens to me all the time!!

  2. This could not have come at a better time! I've been so overwhelmed lately, that I've been posting very little! The checklist and the schedule are genius! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a fantastic post! I think we all struggle with staying organized, especially during the summer. An editorial calendar always has been my go-to, so I'm glad that you finally adopted this system and that it's working well for you!

  4. Having an editorial calendar is LIFE CHANGING. No more brainstorming topics the day of!

  5. A calendar is a must for me!!! I have two planners, one for my everyday/school life and one for my blogging schedule.

  6. A calendar is a must for me!!! I have two planners, one for my everyday/school life and one for my blogging schedule.

  7. Oh my gosh. That desk. I need that in my life!

  8. Loved this! I don't actually blog, but I do all of our social media for my business, Garage Barre, and these tips definitely apply to that as well! Especially since we treat our Instagram as type of "mini blog." I tell my girls, I can teach 20 barre class a week easy - it's the creating content for social media that's the hard part! Sitting down and planning out a couple weeks at a time has definitely helped me not feel like my head is buried in my phone, but instead can be focused more on my cute toddling boy! I also had no idea about the "Later" app for Instagram! I just downloaded it and will be giving it a try! Loved the post!

  9. Great tips! I've finally hit a good groove in blogging but I feel like it's because I am taking time to structure and plan out my posts. #5 happens to me sometimes, especially in the oddest places. The other day it was in my hairdresser's shop so I took out my phone and started making notes. I've since added a notebook just for blogging to my purse!


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