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Motherhood || A 29 Week Pregnancy Update

 dress (only $24) || bracelet

If you follow me on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you know the funny story behind these photos. But if you don't have Snap I don't want to leave you out of the fun! So.... this dress actually would not zip up on me because I'm a dummy and ordered it in my non-pregnant size, but I had to take these photos for my collaboration with Tobi. I told Jon we had to find a private place to take these pictures because my entire back down all the way down to my butt and underwear were wide open for the world to see AHHH! 

So we found these weird little twig huts on the ETSU campus and the area was deserted since school is out for Summer. Y'all, I kid you not, as soon as I got out of the car and ran into position a couple pushing a baby stroller rolled on up to scope out these huts. A man walking his dog LET HIS DOG OFF HIS LEASH to run free... it was pure chaos and I was slowly backing into a corner trying to hide my butt! #bloggerproblems

The bright side - I don't look totally scared to death in these photos AND I have a new pretty dress to wear post birth :)

** You get 50% off your first purchase with Tobi. They have the cutest sandals, sunglasses and tops like this one.

So I've hardly talked about this pregnancy at all here on the blog. I don't know why I just hardly even think about it! I know that sounds terrible, but being the second child, my whole world doesn't revolve around it like it did with Maddox. Sad, but true.

So a couple of things I want to remember from this stage...

// Baby Girl sits HIGH up under my ribs at all times. To the extent that I get shortness of breath and feel like she's crushing my rib cage and organs.

// All I want is lemonade all the time. I swear they know me at McAlister's Deli now and just simply ask what flavor I want today.

// Heartburn is constant. I had heartburn with Maddox nightly, but with girlfriend it is all day. Every day.

// She is so active all the time. It feels like she never sleeps because I'm constantly feeling her jab, roll, squirm, hiccup every moment. She does not like when Maddox lays on my belly and puts pressure on her. She jabs him right back.

// Her nursery is almost finished. I lack curtains and hanging wall decor. I seriously can't wait to reveal it in the next few weeks!

// We have finally decided on a name. It's official... I bought a monogram. I am so happy to finally call her something other than Baby Girl when Jon and I talk about her.

Everything is going great with this pregnancy. I am just so grateful for another healthy baby and I still just can't believe it's a girl. Can't believe it! I dream about giving birth to her and seeing her sweet face for the first time. It takes me back to Maddox's birth and brings tears to my eyes. Oh motherhood... you are simply the sweetest journey.

Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post and for you, my sweet readers, for supporting the brands who support The Modern Tulip.
8 comments on "Motherhood || A 29 Week Pregnancy Update"
  1. I cannot wait to see the nursery reveal and hear what sweet baby girls name is!!!! I am 30 almost 31 weeks pregnant and only maternity clothes here....I just get my feelings hurt when I try and wear something non maternity now haha precious dress though

  2. You look beautiful! Our son is due in 5 days and we're not 100% on a name. I never thought it would be so hard for us to choose!

  3. Yay for an official name! Can't wait to find out. :) So glad that your pregnancy is going well - you are glowing!

  4. Even without the dress zipping you look stunning in this dress. I love TOBI's clothes. I can only imagine the dress will look fantastic post-baby as well. And yay for a baby name; I can't wait to hear what it is.

  5. I LOVE that dress!!! You'll have to take some more pictures in it post pregnancy when it zips up ;) It looks so cute on you now though!
    I'm inspired by how far along you are on baby girl's room and that you have a name picked out. I've finally got the office (that we're turning into her room) all cleaned out and organized, I just need to get the bed out of the room in the basement so we can move our office down there and I can really start on her room. My mom and I did start looking for fabric for her blankets this weekend and color inspiration for her room. And as for names... umm... we're working on that haha.

    Our little girl moves constantly as well! I'm always telling Joe that I'm afraid she'll never sleep for us! Bensen kicked my belly the other day while I was changing his diaper and she kicked right back, it was hilarious!

  6. There's a monogram?! Eee! In Southern rules, that makes everything official! ;)

  7. Oh I just love this! Thanks for the update on your sweet baby girl! You look beautiful mama! xx


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