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I thought it would be comical to write a "day in the life" post while Maddox has currently thrown our beloved schedule for a wild loop with lack of naps, 5am wake up calls and bed times pushing 10pm. Molars, I hate you. So if you were wondering that is why I haven't been blogging, but I made Jon give me a pep talk the other night and he reminded me that blogging makes me happy and I need something for myself in the midst of chaos.

All in all I'm just nosy and I'm always intrigued to see into other people's lives and how they plan their days. That's probably why I'm addicted to Snapchat! So I thought I would share a day in the life post with you today to give you a glimpse of what our schedule typically looks like on an almost daily basis when my child isn't cutting molars.

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One of my favorite features of this planner is the "15 minutes" where it gives you a chore or to-do that you can complete that day within 15 mins. It's a nice way to do something you might not think about on the norm. 

7am wake up call. Maddox wakes me up on the monitor making noises as he begins waking up in his crib so I usually pop right out of bed so I can sneak in a few quiet moments with coffee while I scroll through social media, respond to comments, check emails, and look over my planner to see my schedule for the day.

8am Maddox used to pop right up and play as soon as he woke up, but now he likes to come downstairs, crawl onto the couch with me and ask for milk and Curious George. I'm totally fine with this because it gives me some more down time to snuggle him and sip my coffee. (Even though I'm totally over Curious George!)

9am breakfast. I turn off the tv and Maddox and I enjoy breakfast together. His favorites are yogurt or oatmeal with a side of fresh fruit. He is getting SO good at using his spoon and fork too - he picked it up so quick. Honestly no tricks for teaching him... I just had to get over the fact he was going to make a royal mess when he first started, but letting him do it on his own to get the hang of it seemed to work just fine.

9:30-12pm almost every day of the week (with the exception of at least one day) we leave the house to do something. I do it for my sanity because staying home all day drives me nuts. So I am always ready by this time. I change Maddox and let him play while I clean up breakfast and pack the diaper bag. Then we head to a playdate, the park, the trail to walk, errands, visiting Jon at work... something. If we aren't leaving the house then we play outside in the baby pool, sprinkler, playset, talk a walk in the neighborhood, etc.

12pm I try to be home by 12-12:30 so I can feed Maddox lunch and then get him ready for a nap. He has gotten in the habit of asking for a cartoon before going down, which I don't particularly love, but it's broken up a lot throughout the day and he's playing outside so much that he's tired and I can understand wanting to unwind a bit.

1-3pm Maddox typically naps and this is crunch time for me. I catch up on housework and blog work and sometimes sneak in a nap myself. I'm trying to take more naps now while I can before I have two babies and well.... never sleep again #dramatic

3:30-5pm When Maddox wakes up from his nap we typically play in his room and read some books and then we will come downstairs, grab a snack and play with different toys or play outside again in the yard.

5-6:30pm I put on a cartoon for Maddox while I start dinner. He typically ends up in the kitchen with me emptying "his drawer" full of spatulas, plastic bowls, spoons and more. He is kind of fussy lately around this time and he makes it difficult to cook, but Jon is usually home around 6 so he plays with him so I can finish up dinner or occasionally I have put him down for a second nap if he is "unpleaseable".

7-8:30pm we clean up dinner, play, go for a family walk because it's been so amazing outside lately around this time and then we come in and start the bedtime routine bath, books, snuggles, bed. Jon and I take turns each night putting him down and while one person puts Maddox down the other cleans up all the toys and the mess made that day.

9pm Maddox is usually asleep and Jon and I are plopped on the couch watching The Bachelorette, Fixer Upper reruns, while simultaneously I finish up on blog work, emails, etc.

10-10:30pm we are showered and in bed watching Seinfeld before we say our prayers and hit the hay.

And that's a glimpse at a day in our life... glamorous isn't it? I was thinking as I was writing this, baby girl is going to be here soon and throw this schedule for a loop! I'm a schedule girl, so it always takes me awhile to adjust, but eventually I find my groove. And I have to admit, this planner is my lifeline. I have to have a place to jot down my to-do list, thoughts, errands, meal plans and more because if I don't, my brain goes into overload and I forget everything and give myself anxiety. I've tried multiple planners, but nothing compares to this purposeful planner (I almost picked this print) made by the beautiful blonde genius Corie Clark. This is the second one I've owned and the only one I'll probably ever purchase again. I just love that it has a fill in the blank spot for everything I could possibly need to keep up with that day. She sells other organizational goodies you can check out here.

And don't forget to come hang out with me live today on Facebook 1pm EST as I will be giving you and in depth tour inside this planner and how I use it. You can access the live video here at 1pm EST. Don't worry if you can't make it then, it will live on my FB page forever :)

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Thank you to Corie Clark for sponsoring this post and to you, my sweet readers, for supporting the brands that support The Modern Tulip. It's so appreciated!

5 comments on "A Day In The Life"
  1. I have been stalking your blog waiting for this post! I'm so so excited to see this at 1! Hopefully I remember :) Setting an alarm! I think you've swayed me from Erin to the Purposeful Planner! This one is beautiful!

  2. You will be so happy you have these memories of your typical day jotted down in years to come . . . I wish I had a blog when my children were little! You're doing a great job mama! :-)

  3. I've loved getting to know you & your days through snapchat--thanks for sharing!!

  4. Getting out of the house is SO necessary! I try to stay in once or twice per week just to have a 'rest day', but even then we usually at least run to a coffee shop so I can keep my sanity!

  5. I love getting a peek into people's normal, every day life! This planner is so beautiful! Heading to Instagram to enter the giveaway!!


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