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Maternity Style || Comparing Pregnancies


top (only $20, three colors) || necklace || pants (old) similar here || shoes ($12.90)

I was looking back at my post from my pregnancy with Maddox at this time. Talk about swollen face! I am so glad that I blogged through my pregnancy weekly with Maddox so I can look back at it now. It makes me slightly regret not doing it this time around with Baby Girl, but I knew I couldn't keep up with it and I remember it becoming quite repetitive towards the end the first time around. It's been fun to reflect though on what he was doing and see that it lines up with what she's doing. And it's fun to compare the differences in how I feel or what I crave. I've even had the same weight gain thus far at this point so I'm counting that as a plus!

I love this swing top I snagged from Old Navy recently in blush for only $20. I swear I own way too many blush tops, but they are my favorite. Especially paired with olive green. See a similar look here when I was pregnant with Maddox. Oh how I miss my long hair!

Well if you need me this weekend I'll be over here sweating my buns off because our AC is broken in our house. That might be a pregnant woman's nightmare in Summer...

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  1. I wish you would've done pregnancy updates with your baby girl, but I can understand that it gets repetitive and time consuming

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit and color on you!


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