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Serendipity Private Shopping Event


I was honored to be invited last week to Serendipity Boutique's new location opening in Johnson City! I was able to get a private shopping experience the day before they had their grand opening and I walked away with a bag that stood up to my knees (deep with adorable clothing). Lord help me I hope my husband isn't reading this... 

If you follow me on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you helped me shop by screenshotting your favorites and indulged my dressing room shenanigans :) thanks for that - my wallet told me to tell you it hates you...

that pink clutch begged to come home with me... I may have to go back for her

Serendipity's new location is absolutely stunning. From the minute I walked in the door I was so impressed with how clean and modern it looked. I think my favorite feature was that all the clothing was pushed to the outer perimeter of the store so it was really easy to shop starting and one point and making my way all the way around. Maybe I'm just the only one who gets overwhelmed by racks in the middle of the room?

Sarah hand picks all of the pieces she carries in her store you can guarantee it's going to be quality. And I'm not too sure how, but almost every piece of fabric I touched felt like butter. How is that even possible? What are they making clothes with these days?

Here are Serendipity's social media pages so you can easily follow and keep up with new arrivals!

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3 comments on "Serendipity Private Shopping Event"
  1. How fun! That looks like an amazing boutique!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. so pretty!! i love it all. and am loving your snaps :) maddox is too cute and excited for mimi's cookie and creamery! {my mom is a mimi, too!}


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