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I am still pulling out items from my shopping trip at Serendipity. I have a few more tops to share and oh my goodness they are all so beautiful! I am thinking my next baby free day I'll have to pop in there again... #someonetakeawaymywallet

There are a couple random things I wanted to address today so bear with me, folks!

You may notice I am not posting five times a week anymore and have started taking one (sometimes two) days off during the week. I was starting to notice my anxiety levels were always high and my type-A, anal retentive self was not going back in her cave, but simply dwelling in my home. It wasn't fair to me, my husband or my kids (anxiety takes a toll on a pregnancy for sure). So to save myself and enjoy what I'm doing I tapered off a bit. I'm loving it because it gives me a day off to not have to worry about my post/social shares. And it gives me times to get ahead if I am feeling spunky and have free time. Most importantly it's brought my stress levels back down and I'm a better wife and mom for it. Plus I feel like I bring better content to you when I have more time to work on each post.

On another note, this is totally random, but I have been getting comments from no-reply bloggers lately and I would HATE for you to think I was ignoring your comment or not responding to you. I always respond to every comment via email so please... if you don't hear back from me you are most likely a no-reply blogger. Don't worry it's an easy fix. In fact here's a tutorial for you to fix it so we can communicate :)

Okay I feel better getting that taken care of! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! We are going to be knee deep in home projects and kicking butt getting our ice cream truck finished. Guys, it's being inspected by the health department today and we have our first event next Saturday! We might be completely crazy so pray for our sanity!

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5 comments on "Style || Ruffle Tunic"
  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love the ruffled top so much! Also, thank you for the No Reply info. :) And I can't believe you have your first event next weekend with the ice cream truck! How excited are you? I can't wait to continue to watch it all unfold and get ready for the big reveal!

    Happy Weekend Sweets!

  2. So gorgeous as always! And, girl - you always have to take care of you and your family. This space is the last thing that should be causing you stress - trust me, I can relate! Stepping back always seems to help.

  3. Good for you . . . for recognizing what you need to make YOUR life better. I've never been a popular blogger, but the pressure was still there. As a mom of 3 busy kids, I would be all or nothing which wasn't good either. Now I post when I can . . . makes life so much easier! Rock on sister!

  4. You are such a cute little pregnant mama! I love that tank, but those jeans are so dang cute I'm tempted to buy them even thought they're maternity. Congrats on all the progress you've made on your ice cream truck.


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