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Tubby Todd & A Giveaway


Recently I've started looking at the ingredients on labels of everything. Really though, it's become a sickness. Ever since I got on my healthy living kick I started with cleaning up my diet and then I moved into essential oils - I just ordered the Young Living Starter Kit - so stoked! And then I started looking at the ingredients in the products I use on a daily basis and I hate the amount of harmful unnatural chemicals. While I could freak out over everything I am more or less concerned with what I use on Maddox. His skin is so sensitive and I want to pay attention to everything from sunscreen to bath products to the laundry detergent used to wash his clothes.

I love that every ingredient in Tubby Todd's products is natural and explained on their website so you don't have to question what is soaking into your babies skin. I received the bubble bath and the all over ointment. I LOVE the smell of the bubble bath and Maddox always shouts "bubble" when I pour it into the running water. We never go a bath without bubbles now! The all over ointment surprised me. It's super thick and creamy, but rubs in really easily. You do not need more than a quarter size amount to cover your babes entire body. I love giving Maddox a massage with it after his bath (when he will sit still long enough). I've also been using it over his bug bites and diaper rashes too (stupid humid Summer) and it has really calmed the inflammation around his bites and the redness on his bum. I can't rave about Tubby Todd enough y'all! The company was created by a mama so you can rest assured knowing it was made with your baby in mind.

Head over to my Instagram today to enter to win a $30 credit to Tubby Todd and get addicted with me!

Thank you to TubbyTodd for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands who support The Modern Tulip!
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  1. Bensen LOVES bubbles. It's one of his vocab words (which mostly all start with 'B' coincidentally). He really loves to carry the bubble container around with him outside haha. But I bet he'd love bubble bath in his tub!


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