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36 Weeks And NOTHING Fits


First of all, can we all collectively clap together? I finally did my hair AND makeup ANDDDDD put on an outfit worthy of taking photos. That's an accomplishment anymore, but I wouldn't expect another style post until after birth because I honestly can't fit into any more of my clothing!

I have a bunch of Fall outfits lined up though for post baby and I can't wait to work on getting back to my pre-baby size and have my entire closet available again.

this is what a majority of my pictures turn out like! I couldn't help but share though because it was after my Jon made me laugh and honestly we had such a great day date together it filled my heart!

So if you follow along on Snapdizzle (themoderntulip) you know that yesterday I dropped Maddox off with his MiMi for a full day and Jon and I had a day date. We started at IHOP because we needed pre-game fuel before we went to SAMs and bought out the entire store to prepare for Baby Girl. I basically wanted to stock up on every essential we already use and might possibly need so that I didn't have to think about shopping with two under two early on in the game. I'll be sharing that post tomorrow with the entire list of everything we bought along with other must-have items. I think a lot of you are excited because there were a ton of screenshots of my list yesterday. I love it! Y'all are geeks like me :)

Creating An Inspiring Workspace

he works hard... clearly

Make sure to enter the giveaway on Instagram AND follow me on Snapchat to see how I use my whiteboard in depth. (more info below)

Working from home sounds glamorous, but more often than not it's quite difficult. Distractions pop up too easily... laundry stares me in the face, dishes seem to taunt me from the sink, my floor is basically screaming to be vacuumed and mopped daily. Not to mention that toddler of mine wanting to race his hot wheels up and down the hallway 24/7.

Between these distractions and not really having my own inspiring "space" to work from has made it difficult to sit down at my computer for an allotted time each day. Sometimes I'm on the couch with my laptop, which I find isn't productive because Netflix sounds so much better. Occasionally I work from my bed (sounds nice.. also not extremely productive) and then I have my desk... my boring, drab, not so inspiring desk. All of these spots make it hard to want to sit down and work each day.

I don't really have a set work schedule, but I do have two business to help my husband manage along with this blog so I have really needed a spot to keep all of the paperwork, files, schedules etc all together so they aren't floating around the house giving me anxiety. In an effort to make myself do some work I cleared off and spiffed up my desk a bit with a few inexpensive pretties and I thought I'd share. In case you are like me and need a "home base" of sorts.

I don't love having my desk in my bedroom. For one, my bedroom is a place of relaxation and escape. Obviously not with a newborn on the way who will be sleeping in here for awhile, but most of the time it's a place for me to let out a sigh relief and fall into a fluffy bed of pillows and typically clean sheets. Having my desk in here gives me the opportunity to see my work in front of my face, which I don't love. And I also hate that it means if my husband goes to bed early or maybe isn't awake yet in the morning then I can't work unless I carry all my junk (laptop, charger, planner, notepad, etc) out to the couch or table. So I have high hopes of eventually finding a space in my home for an office, but for now this will have to do because it's the only spot on the main level of my house where I spend most of the day with Maddox. I would love to have a "home base" in my kitchen one day if we ever build. That's my dream!

Anywho... here's how I created an inspiring work space by working with the spot I'm in for now.


I'm that girl who could have cared less about back to school shopping for clothes. I wanted shiny new notebooks, binders, pretty pens, a fresh planner - all the nerdy stuff! One of my favorite place to shop for cute desk supplies is TJMaxx because they are so inexpensive and they have such a wide variety of things. Sometimes when my MIL keeps Maddox I go buy a coffee and slowly walk the office supply section in TJMaxx. #nerdalert

I found these files at TJMaxx recently and the gold file holder is from Target. Pretty and practical. 


c/o Anchor Studio || use code MODERN10 for 10% off your purchase

I like to surround myself with words of affirmation because I have a natural tendancy to be hard on myself. Nothing is worse than sitting at my desk and and feeling my fingers frozen on the keyboard, my mind goes blank and that blasted cursor blinks at me... taunting me. Having some words of affirmation to inspire me and be pleasant reminders really helps a gal! I love the prints from Anchor Studio - I personally know the best friend due behind this shop and they are two beautiful, encouraging mama's with hearts of gold.

This specific verse is important to me because almost daily I feel overwhelmed by all of my duties and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Many of you know I struggle with anxiety so each day it's a battle against myself not to feel a sense of drowning. This verse reminds me of my strength in Christ and I can't be overcome by the earthly anxieties in this world. 


It's hard to imagine how I get any work done with his cute face at my feet

My desk before was undesirable... full of papers laying everywhere, product, cords and piles of crap. Clutter is my worst nightmare. The show Hoarders literally gives me anxiety and goosebumps when I watch it. I need space.... clear, open space. So the very first thing I did was clear my entire desk and start from scratch. Less is more my friends :)


Finding what works best for me with organization has been a journey, but I finally have a system that works. I love clear acrylic containers to separate paperclips, pens, sticky notes, etc. It's so nice to have it all in one place, but organized. I also just recently started using a whiteboard for blog planning. If you are a blogger (especially one who does brand collaborations) I highly recommend this because it has so many benefits. You can easily erase and switch around dates without scratching out your planner (my pet peeve). And you can see the month in advance and plan a weekly schedule as well as write down what you need to do each day for a future blog post. Follow me on snapchat (themoderntulip) and I'll be sharing how I use my whiteboard in depth today.

I'd love to hear ways you get inspired when you work from home?

Did you think I had forgotten the giveaway? Anchor Studio is giving away a set of their beautiful floral cards here so make sure you enter to win on my Instagram!

#whitegirlproblems I'm Ready for Fall...

 top (comes in 7 different colors) || shorts || booties

This top is the one and only purchase from the Nordstrom sale that I can actually wear. I can't wait to wear it when I'm not pregnant because I think it would look super cute half tucked in to some jeans with these boots and a leather moto jacket - like this one I got from the Nsale. I am beyond excited because I only have a few more weeks of limited clothing. I'm literally living over here with no clothing that fits and constantly wearing oversized t-shirts. I can hardly wait to wear all my favorite Fall clothes both old and new.

I am seriously so over my lack of style right now. I miss feeling stylish and pretty each day. I keep looking back at posts of my pregnancy with Maddox and I'm just amazed at the difference from the first kid to the second. I just don't feel glamorous with my bump this time around partially due to being pregnant in the Summer and also because I have a 17 month old and I can't take an hour to get ready any more. So here's to making it through the next few weeks and getting to have my baby girl in my arms and fitting in my clothes again! Wahoo!

Preventing Product Build Up for Healthy Hair


I have noticed I'm getting a lot of hair care questions lately. Mainly because I've mentioned repeatedly that I go 7 days in between washes and that has gotten a lot of  y'alls attention. We can probably all agree that washing our hair is time consuming and not the most favorite chore in the world (especially for those with kiddos). Time is valuable and there are about 24,873 things I'd rather be doing besides washing my hair every other day.

I am working on a post explaining all the products I use on my hair on wash day and in between washes to get me through with healthy, decent looking hair for those seven days. Especially in this heat! But for now I wanted to share one product that will truly be a game changer in your hairs health so you can go more than two days between washes without major product build-up.

If you are a dry shampoo junkie like me, or just a hair product junkie, you need this product in your life.

This Lemon Rinse is an instant clarifying treatment that you want to use after each wash. The bottle recommends using it twice a week, but I only use it once a week of course since I only wash my hair once a week. The only exception to that rule is if I go to the pool or lake and then of course I wash my hair after that if I get it wet. Nobody likes brittle chlorine hair or dirty lake water hair. Ew!

You simply use this after shampooing and conditioning, leaving it in for just a few minutes before rinsing it out completely. It gives your hair a super clean feeling, especially with the strong scent of lemon (which I love)! It deep cleans your scalp removing all the product build up over time and you know what else it's wonderful at? Prevent frizz! My hair tends to freak out this time of year and get super frizzy in the humidity. I've tried a bunch of other products for my frizz (which I still use on occasion) but I was impressed with how well this managed my frizz for days on days.

I also want to mention it is safe for color-treated hair. I am not born with these bright blonde locks... those are purchased about every 10 weeks or so :) and with color treated hair you have to be really careful what you use on it to prevent it from streaking or discoloring.

Of course this lemon rinse just one of many products I use on my hair because y'all know I'm a product junkie, but it is tried and tested and I think it works wonders. And hellooo it's only $10 for a decent sized bottle that will last quite some time if you aren't washing often.

Beautiful Nutrition has a ton of inexpensive hair care products to cover any of your hair care needs. 

What's a must have hair product you swear by?

Thank you to Beautiful Nutrition for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Motherhood || Loosing My Baby To Fullblown Toddlerhood


I keep telling Jon I'm so happy to be having another baby because it seems like just recently I've lost my first baby to toddlerhood. Watching him grow into a full blown, energetic, independent, rambunctious toddler has brought such joy to my heart. Seriously, motherhood is God's greatest gift! But I am definitely trying to slow time down a bit and enjoy all the moments, big and small with him. I've been paying attention to all the little details that encompass who he is from the developments he's been making to the way he scrunches his nose when he's thinking hard about something.

He is incredibly tough to keep up with these days! Especially at 35 weeks pregnant. He is always running wherever he is going (he's like Forest Gump). And he doesn't sit still very often. This kid likes to stay busy and is always into something whether it be basketball, the playground or the only mud puddle in a 500 foot area - he's doing something almost all the time.

He's constantly changing and developing new, fun skills. He shows me his muscles, dances, tries to jump (his feet don't even leave the ground), shoots basketball like daddy, cleans up his spills with a towel (aka makes a bigger mess, but I love watching him "help"). He communicates now and tells me yes and no - mostly "no". And repeats all kinds of words on his own time of course, never on command. It's like having my own little bestie with me all day long except now he can semi talk to me and tell me what he wants.

Maddox has such a joyous personality and his smile melts my heart into a puddle of mush on the floor - he can instantly turn my day around with that sweet grin. He's so full of life and interested in everything around him.

This sweatshirt is too cute and a closet staple for your little one!

He has grown out of all of his clothing so we recently had to do a wardrobe overhaul for him.Y'all, I'm talking shirts, pants, shoes, pj's.... everything. I was getting so frustrated getting him dressed because each piece I would put on was either too short, too tight or wouldn't even go over his 90th percentile head :) Or maybe it was the curls preventing that :)

So we went ahead and got some Fall staple pieces while we were updating his wardrobe. Did you know Burt's Bees Baby has a clothing line!? I had no clue, but I'm glad I do now! I love Burt's Bees beauty/skin products to begin with so I was excited to see the new baby collection and I'm so impressed with the quality of the clothing. Plus all the pieces are incredibly stylish!

Burt's Bees Baby has some of the cutest most durable clothing I've seen. You can tell the difference in 100% organic cotton - the softness is out of this world! Perfect for snuggling my bug :) I can hardly resist their Fall collection it's just beyond adorable! I plan on getting baby girl a few items such as this sweet little outfit - I love the pattern!

Speaking of baby girl, I'm off to snuggle my boy some more and get all the one on one time I can because I can't stinking believe we will have another baby in 5 weeks or less! #mindblown

Don't forget to sign up for the Burt's Bees Baby newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase!

When Life Slaps You in the Face, You Slap it Back and Say "I WIN"


Hey y'all.

Do you remember me? I still remember you! And I miss ya like craaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzy! Why is blogging the easiest thing to get shoved on the back burner, but one of my greatest joys?

I have been so consumed and overwhelmed with life lately that the thought of showing up again gave me anxiety. But I know that I need to because I want to. Because it's mine. Because it makes me happy. Because I love connecting and sharing with y'all here.

So bear with me as I find balance in my chaotic life. I am trying to learn how to schedule and manage my time wisely to make time for blogging. Right now I'm managing Mimi's Cookies N' Creamery with my husband (it's our new little ice cream truck adventure in case you missed it). That includes weekly baking of fresh cookies for the truck. I was asked to join a new role of leadership in my church's motherhood group, which I graciously accepted and I am very excited about. That ministry of connecting with handfuls of moms has been a saving grace for me in my last year of motherhood. Speaking of motherhood I am trying to keep up with my 17 month old energizer bunny of a son while baking my daughter until September. Preparing for her has been a slow process, but I finally feel like I'm ready. I am trying to keep up with our daily home tasks and constant renovations. Add a social life to that (because weekly playdates with my mama friends make me happy) and quality family time and I feel like there is no time left for me to blog. Or lack of energy I should say...

All of this to say I have a lot of amazing things on my plate right now. They are all things I realize are blessing and I wouldn't want to turn any of them down. They may overwhelm me at times, but I'm learning to "struggle well" and appreciate all of my chaotic life. So all this to say blogging does take backseat quite often, but I have dreams for my blog. And I will get there... eventually. Slow and steady :)

Thank YOU, my sweet friends for being gracious and kind and sticking by me even when I disappear. I appreciate my readers more than you'll ever know. I mean it!

Motherhood || First Baby Shower

My friend, Jenni made this gorgeous cake! It was just as delicious as it was beautiful!

I had my first baby shower this weekend and it's safe to say I was completely BLOWN AWAY at the amount of work these beautiful hostesses (and some of my best friends) below did to make me feel so special and so loved. I was holding back tears most of the time. They captured everything I love from wildflowers to burlap to southern charm and they encompassed all of it and put it into this shower. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by selfless woman who find joy in celebrating others. Baby Girl is lucky to grow up next to these ladies and their special kiddos!

I do have to apologize for the lighting in these pictures. I was too excited about the shower and ooing and ahhing over everything to realize I had the camera on the wrong setting the entire time. Silly me!

These women <3 Words can't describe how I love them!
The most gorgeous wildflowers!

Maternity Photoshoot With Baby Number Two


My photographer, Renee of Two Sparks Photography, sent over our maternity photos today and I just about died. I was in love with the sneak peak she shared with me days ago, which you may have seen on Instagram, but I couldn't get over how they all turned out! The scenery on our friends farm was just stunning and the lighting couldn't have been more perfect for this shoot!
If you missed my Snap story on the maternity session, Maddox was a terror. We shot these photos just after 7pm and that's Maddox's pre-bedtime witching hour. He's fine if we are at home, but taking him out somewhere is hard because he just wants to wind down. Trying to get him to cooperate for these photos was seriously impossible, but I just laughed it off and asked our photographer to document the chaos for us to remember. Real life people... real life is not picture perfect :) So all that to say this is why you hardly see Maddox in any of these photos (I had so many planned to take with him) and I am completely shocked our photographer captured what she did of him. I didn't think there would be one when he wasn't throwing a fit! 
Warning: this post contains one bazillion photos (it's not even half of them) and I love them all dearly.
 It's hard to believe once upon a time he fit in my belly!
 One of my favorites - ps. I'm totally balancing on a rock and I call that a win with this big belly!
 I can't believe we are going to be a family of four soon! I love our family now, but it can only get better!
 Darling, you are the love of my life!
Oh how I love his wild curly hair! I can't cut it. I just can't.

Did you make it all the way through? If you did you deserve a high-five and you should leave a comment with your guess as to when baby girl will arrive! And if you say 40 weeks I might cry... I won't make it people. I just won't make it, not without a break down.

Photos taken by Two Sparks Photography