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Beauty || Jon's Results with Smile Briliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

I was right.

He was wrong.

Words every woman loves to proclaim and every man cringes at hearing. My husband is pretty used to me saying it though. We are extremely competitive so we like to "compete" or jokingly argue over most everything.

Teeth whitening was one of those arguments. I started using Smile Brilliant back in October last year and I fell in love with it after two weeks of using it consistently. You can see my before & after post to see the changes it made on my teeth. Jon and I are both coffee and red wine drinkers so our teeth look dingy easily. Jon has always struggled with self confidence in his own smile. Unlike me, he never had braces so he hates the fact that his teeth aren't straight and his front two teeth are crooked. Plus, he was worried that because he has a cap on one of his front teeth he was going to have Tooth Discoloration because it was put on in the late 90's (old fart)! I kept telling him the whitening gel would color the cap as well, no matter the age of the cap, but he didn't believe me.

left: before || right: after
Did I mention I love it when I'm right?

So after using the whitening trays every night for two weeks straight Jon is officially bowing down to me and confident in his smile! After 4 days he was shocked at the difference he saw in the color of his teeth and that it happens that fast. Honestly I was a little shocked at first too. I noticed a difference in his teeth out on the lake after his 5th day using and I remember doing a double take at his smile.

Now he's using it as spot treatment and only whitening once a week.

Some people get confused by the process behind teeth whitening kits so I wanted to break this kit down so you can see just how easy and unique it is to create the perfect trays for your teeth.


- Once you receive your starter kit you brush your teeth to ensure a clean outline in your trays.

- Mix your impression materials, place it in the blue tray and push the mouth tray up into your top teeth making sure to press into the mold firmly and being sure not to wiggle it around. This will ensure your custom tray fits tightly to your teeth for the best whitening results. You will repeat this step for your bottom teeth as well.

- Once your impressions are made, you will mail them back to Smile Brilliant. They supply you with a pre-paid envelope. They do give you extra paste in case you mess up an impression you have the opportunity to fix it.
- About a week later you will receive your custom fitted trays and you are ready to go. These trays are awesome because they are comfortable and flexible. Not like those nasty football mouthguard trays you have to boil and fit to your mouth, but are still huge!
- You will have detailed instructions about how to whiten and how to increase your time leaving the trays on. Jon and I both wore ours for 30 minute increments for the first few days and followed that with the desensitizing gel which takes away any tooth sensitivity you might be having. It's like aloe for your teeth and it's heavenly! After the first few days we were both wearing ours for an hour or more. You can increase all the way to three hours. I never make it that long because I'm always hungry every two hours! Ha!

If you are looking for a professional grade at-home teeth whitening system, this is the way to go! At the dentist you would pay $500+ for this and Smile Brilliant is one of the only companies that offer custom trays that fit perfectly to YOUR teeth. This makes a huge difference as opposed to those generic trays because the gel doesn't hit all of your teeth the way it should. Plus these trays are comfortable. I've forgotten I had mine in before and gone to the store. No one noticed, not even me!

If you are interested in trying the kit use coupon code: moderntulip for 5% off your purchase.

Enter to win a prize package worth $139.95 to start your teeth whitening process! Click here to enter!
The winner will be announced two weeks from now. If the winner is outside of the US that individual will be responsible to pay for the shipping cost of sending their impression back to Smile Brilliant. 

Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support The Modern Tulip. Opinions are honest and 100% my own.
3 comments on "Beauty || Jon's Results with Smile Briliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays"
  1. Jon's smile looks amazing! You sold me on this product when you posted your results last time! I just entered to win my own! Fingers crossed because those results are incredible!

  2. This is great! I always avoid whitening my teeth as much as I want to because they're so sensitive. If I knew they had desensitizing gel I would have bought this ages ago!

  3. Great results!!!! Thanks for sharing! XO -Anna


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