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Creating An Inspiring Workspace

he works hard... clearly

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Working from home sounds glamorous, but more often than not it's quite difficult. Distractions pop up too easily... laundry stares me in the face, dishes seem to taunt me from the sink, my floor is basically screaming to be vacuumed and mopped daily. Not to mention that toddler of mine wanting to race his hot wheels up and down the hallway 24/7.

Between these distractions and not really having my own inspiring "space" to work from has made it difficult to sit down at my computer for an allotted time each day. Sometimes I'm on the couch with my laptop, which I find isn't productive because Netflix sounds so much better. Occasionally I work from my bed (sounds nice.. also not extremely productive) and then I have my desk... my boring, drab, not so inspiring desk. All of these spots make it hard to want to sit down and work each day.

I don't really have a set work schedule, but I do have two business to help my husband manage along with this blog so I have really needed a spot to keep all of the paperwork, files, schedules etc all together so they aren't floating around the house giving me anxiety. In an effort to make myself do some work I cleared off and spiffed up my desk a bit with a few inexpensive pretties and I thought I'd share. In case you are like me and need a "home base" of sorts.

I don't love having my desk in my bedroom. For one, my bedroom is a place of relaxation and escape. Obviously not with a newborn on the way who will be sleeping in here for awhile, but most of the time it's a place for me to let out a sigh relief and fall into a fluffy bed of pillows and typically clean sheets. Having my desk in here gives me the opportunity to see my work in front of my face, which I don't love. And I also hate that it means if my husband goes to bed early or maybe isn't awake yet in the morning then I can't work unless I carry all my junk (laptop, charger, planner, notepad, etc) out to the couch or table. So I have high hopes of eventually finding a space in my home for an office, but for now this will have to do because it's the only spot on the main level of my house where I spend most of the day with Maddox. I would love to have a "home base" in my kitchen one day if we ever build. That's my dream!

Anywho... here's how I created an inspiring work space by working with the spot I'm in for now.


I'm that girl who could have cared less about back to school shopping for clothes. I wanted shiny new notebooks, binders, pretty pens, a fresh planner - all the nerdy stuff! One of my favorite place to shop for cute desk supplies is TJMaxx because they are so inexpensive and they have such a wide variety of things. Sometimes when my MIL keeps Maddox I go buy a coffee and slowly walk the office supply section in TJMaxx. #nerdalert

I found these files at TJMaxx recently and the gold file holder is from Target. Pretty and practical. 


c/o Anchor Studio || use code MODERN10 for 10% off your purchase

I like to surround myself with words of affirmation because I have a natural tendancy to be hard on myself. Nothing is worse than sitting at my desk and and feeling my fingers frozen on the keyboard, my mind goes blank and that blasted cursor blinks at me... taunting me. Having some words of affirmation to inspire me and be pleasant reminders really helps a gal! I love the prints from Anchor Studio - I personally know the best friend due behind this shop and they are two beautiful, encouraging mama's with hearts of gold.

This specific verse is important to me because almost daily I feel overwhelmed by all of my duties and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Many of you know I struggle with anxiety so each day it's a battle against myself not to feel a sense of drowning. This verse reminds me of my strength in Christ and I can't be overcome by the earthly anxieties in this world. 


It's hard to imagine how I get any work done with his cute face at my feet

My desk before was undesirable... full of papers laying everywhere, product, cords and piles of crap. Clutter is my worst nightmare. The show Hoarders literally gives me anxiety and goosebumps when I watch it. I need space.... clear, open space. So the very first thing I did was clear my entire desk and start from scratch. Less is more my friends :)


Finding what works best for me with organization has been a journey, but I finally have a system that works. I love clear acrylic containers to separate paperclips, pens, sticky notes, etc. It's so nice to have it all in one place, but organized. I also just recently started using a whiteboard for blog planning. If you are a blogger (especially one who does brand collaborations) I highly recommend this because it has so many benefits. You can easily erase and switch around dates without scratching out your planner (my pet peeve). And you can see the month in advance and plan a weekly schedule as well as write down what you need to do each day for a future blog post. Follow me on snapchat (themoderntulip) and I'll be sharing how I use my whiteboard in depth today.

I'd love to hear ways you get inspired when you work from home?

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6 comments on "Creating An Inspiring Workspace"
  1. That organizational desk just made my heart swoon!! That print is seriously gorgeous.

  2. Its so tempting to want to work from your bed but that just always ends with me wanting to go back to sleep
    XO, Kate

  3. Its so tempting to want to work from your bed but that just always ends with me wanting to go back to sleep
    XO, Kate

  4. People have such a misconception about those of us that work from home - it's HARD. I think you have the right idea here, though with all these tips. Keeping it clean is crucial - my office is a disaster because it's last on our renovation list, and I don't even think I'm going to keep that room the office (fingers crossed for a baby nursery someday :) ). So, crap is kind of everywhere until we get on it and move to the other bedroom. I love that print you got, too - pretty and inspirational!

  5. Pretty accessories are a MUST HAVE in my workspace! :)

  6. I like girly accessories and minimal things on my desk. If it's too cluttered I have a hard time concentrating on my work.


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