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When Life Slaps You in the Face, You Slap it Back and Say "I WIN"


Hey y'all.

Do you remember me? I still remember you! And I miss ya like craaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzy! Why is blogging the easiest thing to get shoved on the back burner, but one of my greatest joys?

I have been so consumed and overwhelmed with life lately that the thought of showing up again gave me anxiety. But I know that I need to because I want to. Because it's mine. Because it makes me happy. Because I love connecting and sharing with y'all here.

So bear with me as I find balance in my chaotic life. I am trying to learn how to schedule and manage my time wisely to make time for blogging. Right now I'm managing Mimi's Cookies N' Creamery with my husband (it's our new little ice cream truck adventure in case you missed it). That includes weekly baking of fresh cookies for the truck. I was asked to join a new role of leadership in my church's motherhood group, which I graciously accepted and I am very excited about. That ministry of connecting with handfuls of moms has been a saving grace for me in my last year of motherhood. Speaking of motherhood I am trying to keep up with my 17 month old energizer bunny of a son while baking my daughter until September. Preparing for her has been a slow process, but I finally feel like I'm ready. I am trying to keep up with our daily home tasks and constant renovations. Add a social life to that (because weekly playdates with my mama friends make me happy) and quality family time and I feel like there is no time left for me to blog. Or lack of energy I should say...

All of this to say I have a lot of amazing things on my plate right now. They are all things I realize are blessing and I wouldn't want to turn any of them down. They may overwhelm me at times, but I'm learning to "struggle well" and appreciate all of my chaotic life. So all this to say blogging does take backseat quite often, but I have dreams for my blog. And I will get there... eventually. Slow and steady :)

Thank YOU, my sweet friends for being gracious and kind and sticking by me even when I disappear. I appreciate my readers more than you'll ever know. I mean it!
3 comments on "When Life Slaps You in the Face, You Slap it Back and Say "I WIN""
  1. Take all the time that you need! It is so hard to find the right balance and to fit the time in for blogging. A lot of people don't realize all the energy it requires. I love reading your posts, you sense of style is fantastic! I also love keeping up on Snapchat. Hope that's not creepy!

  2. I love your Snaps . . . and all us moms get it - life is busy! Your faithful readers will be here when you are!!

  3. Your life has been so crazy busy lately, but how fun and blessed are you to be in that situation?! Someday, the chaos will be gone and you might even miss it - especially when the little ones are all grown up. I love that you're learning to embrace everything and just do what you can when you can. And, don't forget to make time for yourself! :)


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