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style || overssized cardigan

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I waited way too long to share this look and unfortunately this cardigan is sold out. BOO - that's what I get for being a slacker! But I'll keep checking back to see if they restock, because this cardigan, or any extra long cardigan for that matter is a must have! I'm grateful it covers my booty - or lack of booty for that matter. I'm working on it!
We are off to get our Christmas tree today so I can have it decorated in time for our family to come over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'm cooking the turkey! This will be my second time, but the first time I left the giblets in and we found them at dinner. So I'm hoping to redeem myself this time around! I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends! 

family || emery's newborn pictures

I realized I never shared Emery's newborn photos... it's not too late is it?

Rhetorical question. It's never too late to share newborn baby pictures! Here are a few of my favorites. As always, I'm so thankful to our sweet friend, Renee of Two Sparks Photography for capturing our family through all of our milestones.

 this is my favorite photo of all time of our sweet Emery. Her perfect lips and wide eyes. She's my little baby doll. 

 of course I had to sneak in a shot of little man.
I despise this picture of myself. I can see my sleep deprivation and my swollen face. But nonetheless, I love this time captured of our family.

health || goals and preparing for my spartan race


If you follow me on social media, it's no secret I've kicked my healthy lifestyle into full gear. I've been cleaning up my diet, learning how to count macros and working out consistently. Mainly I've been finding a schedule that works for me to manage this with two kids under two. I'm determined to make it happen though because it's a mental clarity thing for me. Yes, I want my body to look a certain way, but I want to feel a certain way and have energy for my husband and kiddos. That's what is most important! Although I'll always be proud of getting my body into this shape right before I found out I was pregnant with Maddox. So now I'm determined to do it again.

With any fitness/health journey it's important to make goals for yourself - to keep you on track and striving for something. Small goals with one ginormous goal is what I've learned over the years really works for me.

So I'm going to share my goals with you today in hopes that they you keep me accountable and perhaps you might be motivated yourself to make a small change.

Goal #1
Get my booty back. I lost my butt with each pregnancy. I used to have a nice perky butt and now it's like a deflated balloon, not to mention some cellulite that took it's place. #keepingitreal So my goal is to grow my booty over the next few months and perk it back up. I'm doing that by lots of heavy lifting and supersets in our at-home gym. We just bought a Smiths machine and I am SO STOKED because it's going to give me so many more workout options. Have I mentioned I love creating workouts? Hopefully I can get around to sharing them with you from time to time.

I digress...

Goal #2
Run in a Spartan Race. You heard me! A Spartan Race! Jon and I signed up for a race in May in Ohio and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. We are each running different ones; he is running The Beast and I am running The Sprint. My race is 3+ miles with 20 obstacles. I hate running, but I love physical activities, lifting, challenges, etc. So I think this will be right up my alley and I can't wait to do it! So in the wide scheme of things I am really training and gearing up for this over the next 6 months.

Goal #3
Run at least one 5k a month until May. Like I said before, I hate running, but if I sign up for races than it at least makes me take one day a week to do some cardio. Otherwise I don't think I'd ever run. Ugh it's the worst! I signed up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning next week (it's a family tradition) so now I have to start looking for one for December.

Goal #4
Drink half my body weight in water a day, which would be 62.5oz. If you follow me on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you've seen my "32oz baby bottle" and you've seen me brag about filling it up numerous times a day. There are so many benefits to drinking water... clearer skin, staying fuller longer, releasing toxins, getting rid of water weight... just to name a few. Oh and I love to add MIO to my water (which you can buy at any grocery store or walmart). My obsession is strong.

Goal #5
Clean up my diet. I'm really gearing towards lean protein, lots of greens and taking out the processed junk. Aside from date night and my Sunday nachos from Moe's because I love them and I will never give them up. EVER! You can't make me. But seriously, abs are made in the kitchen and I want some abs so 98% of the time I'm eating clean.

These are my goals for now. They change, I add to them, I cross them off as I complete them. But I think it's so important to give yourself something to strive for. And remember, you are important! Make your health a priority. And I'm pointing to all you mama's out there. Being a mother is overwhelming and it's easy to make excuses, but you can make the time to give yourself some love.

What are your health/fitness goals?

style || back in my jeans


Does this outfit look familiar? Probably because I shared it on Instagram like forever and a half ago bahahaha. I am not going to give you some long explanation as to why I haven't blogged lately. I'll just say... two kids under two, poor time management and prioritizing can be chalked up to why I haven't made (or found) the time to show my face here. I'm also not saying it's going to change, but I'm happy I'm here now so let's talk about this outfit shall we?

I love, love, love this necklace with my babies names from The Dainty Pear! Plus I feel like a bar necklace is just a staple piece, don't you?

I was able to get back into my jeans two weeks postpartum and it was the most amazing feeling evaaaaa. I was so burnt out on yoga pants and sweats. You don't hear that every day! But you have to know what I mean, there is nothing like wearing your favorite pair of jeans. The ones that suck everything in and hold it all where it should be?  Yeah those. They just make you feel good! The skinny stretch jeans from American Eagle are those jeans for me - I've linked a few favorites below. I like em low rise and tight and that's just what these are! And if you get the right size, because of the stretch they don't create a muffin top. Nobody likes a muffin top! Also, this tee is my absolute favorite style there ever was - seriously I own like 10 in different colors. They are so soft and comfortable. Throw on a cardigan and my favorite boots known to man and I'm done. Plus I feel like I look presentable and like I tried even though it's like the easiest outfit ever!

I'm off to go pack Maddox's backpack for school tomorrow. He started pre-preschool last week. He goes two days a week for three hours and he is just loving it. Seriously, he doesn't even look back now when his teacher comes out to get him #cueallthetears. And when I pick him up it's all he can do to stay awake until we get home. Bless, my baby is growing up.

Bombers and Boots


I'll spare you the boring speal on where I've been because, well, two kids under two and life. Need I say more?

I will say my laptop had an inch thick layer of dust on it and took about half of the kids nap time to do a software update, which about made me loose my marbles. I have a lot of patience with my kids, but I have ZERO patience for technology! So I'm surprised I stuck around long enough to wait for it to finish and write this here post. 

Jon and I had a date night last week and I was super stoked to wear my new OTK boots. I've had them on my Nordstrom wish list for awhile now and I finally took the plunge. So worth it! I paired them with my new favorite bomber jacket from xomandysue. She has the cutest shop and I already want more! Use code MAEGAN20 for a discount off your purchase. She still has some of these jackets left, but they are going fast! I am wearing a size small for reference, but I could totally wear a medium for a looser fit.