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style || back in my jeans


Does this outfit look familiar? Probably because I shared it on Instagram like forever and a half ago bahahaha. I am not going to give you some long explanation as to why I haven't blogged lately. I'll just say... two kids under two, poor time management and prioritizing can be chalked up to why I haven't made (or found) the time to show my face here. I'm also not saying it's going to change, but I'm happy I'm here now so let's talk about this outfit shall we?

I love, love, love this necklace with my babies names from The Dainty Pear! Plus I feel like a bar necklace is just a staple piece, don't you?

I was able to get back into my jeans two weeks postpartum and it was the most amazing feeling evaaaaa. I was so burnt out on yoga pants and sweats. You don't hear that every day! But you have to know what I mean, there is nothing like wearing your favorite pair of jeans. The ones that suck everything in and hold it all where it should be?  Yeah those. They just make you feel good! The skinny stretch jeans from American Eagle are those jeans for me - I've linked a few favorites below. I like em low rise and tight and that's just what these are! And if you get the right size, because of the stretch they don't create a muffin top. Nobody likes a muffin top! Also, this tee is my absolute favorite style there ever was - seriously I own like 10 in different colors. They are so soft and comfortable. Throw on a cardigan and my favorite boots known to man and I'm done. Plus I feel like I look presentable and like I tried even though it's like the easiest outfit ever!

I'm off to go pack Maddox's backpack for school tomorrow. He started pre-preschool last week. He goes two days a week for three hours and he is just loving it. Seriously, he doesn't even look back now when his teacher comes out to get him #cueallthetears. And when I pick him up it's all he can do to stay awake until we get home. Bless, my baby is growing up.

4 comments on "style || back in my jeans"
  1. I love your necklace. It's so delicate and would layer with almost anything. You look amazing! My hips shifted a lot during my pregnancy, so even though I lost the weight fairly quickly it took around 14 weeks to fit into my jeans. But I'll take it! I had a c-section so I wasn't able to do much for the first 6 weeks anyway.

  2. Such a great outfit! What an accomplishment that you were able to get back in your jeans only two weeks after Emery arrived. Lucky lady. :)

  3. So glad to hear from you again and glad you're feeling better. Your boots are gorgeous. I need them in my life!!!

  4. ow ow! Love the boots & necklace!


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