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Fa la la la la... la. la. la.

I have had my house decorated since Thanksgiving, but I haven't taken the time to clean it to be photographed until now. It seemed like a lot of work and a really big waste of nap time :) haha totally kidding... sort of.

I am not a huge decorator. I actually despise it. I would rather decorate my entire home once and then never touch or rearrange anything ever again. I am always in awe of all the bloggers/instagrammers I see changing up rooms and decorating for every single holiday. I mean... Valentine's Day? No way!

Christmas is big enough and long enough that I will make the effort to pull down decorations and throw up lights. We didn't get our outside lights done this year. I was a little sad about that for Maddox's sake, but we won't let that happen again next year.

I'm not going to lie... this is the first time I have really missed shopping at Target. I mean helloooooo dollar section for all things seasonal and fun that I dont need - I loved that section! I haven't really mentioned anything, but I haven't shopped at Target in almost a year and that's kiiiiiinda a big deal for me. 

Anywho, here's my holiday decor!

My stockings are old from Target, the Christmas trees on my mantle are from Steinmart and that cute little "merry and bright" sign is my very own DIY project from a fabulous night out with some mama friends and a few bottles of wine :) all DIY projects should be done with friends, Christmas music blasting, wine and yummy food to munch on. I think I'd probably make more things, that's for sure.

My little gnome man came from TJMaxx and I'm in love with him. I've even picked up a few more similar ones to decorate with in other places.

The pillows I picked up from TJMaxx. I love that woven sweater pillow and it's even better it can work all year round. Because you know now your girl doesn't like to redecorate. One less pillow I have to replace.

I snagged the pillow cases pictured above and below off Amazon for $2.18 and $3.89 y'all!

I like to pretend adding a few decorative towels is all I need to do in the kitchen. These are Pioneer Woman from Walmart. I have a slight obsession with her line...

The tree and the deer are both from TJmaxx. Can you tell it's my new obsession?

These paper straws are from two years ago in the dollar section at Target.

6 comments on "home || holiday home tour"
  1. No Target in a year? Go girl! I had to cleanse myself from it for a few months this year and not I can actually go in and not "NEEEEED" everything in sight! Your home is beautiful as always, love!

  2. Love your decor! The stockings above the fireplace are too cute!

  3. I love all of this! Your decor is so clean and classic. Um, I'm going to order all those pillow covers off Amazon. Love!

  4. Those festive straws are the cutest ever and I love both of your mantles! I've always hated the pillows on our couch and always forget that you can just buy new pillow cases.

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