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Covered In Spit-Up and Knee Deep in Legos


That is my life right now... and as odd as it may seem I truly do love it. Snapchat peeps got to see what happened to this shirt first hand the day I shot this look. I mentioned how I was 9,000% positive I wouldn't make it out of the house without spit-up on me, especially wearing a top I had plans to shoot. In the next Snap Emery, on perfect que, spits up an amount a puddle of milk on my shirt. I died laughing! She has perfect timing and those are the moments you just have to laugh off.

Laughing it off and shrugging off the chaos of motherhood is the only way to make it through, friends. I'm either wiping spit-up off my clothes, brushing my teeth at noon or building the 20th lego tower for Maddox to knock over on the daily. I'm constantly trying to find the beauty in the milk spilt on my freshly mopped floor, the blueberries smooshed into the couch cushion and the spit-up on my clean shirt that's about to be shot for a blog post. Life is messy and it's the best that way!

This top couldn't be more perfect for my life either. I find time to wash my hair, but I just don't have the energy to fix it so up into a messy bun it goes! The important thing is I make it out of the house with something other than yoga pants and my slippers. And to be honest...that doesn't even happen most days. #truth