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Pouring Into Others


I wanted to write this without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn, but I'm not sure how. I've always been a selfish person. Someone who goes to buy a birthday present for someone and first finds something for myself. It's something I agonize over and I'm constantly catching myself, trying to remember "it's not about me". But every day I fail somehow... being human doesn't help. We are born selfish. It's a natural instinct, but I'm sure you know someone in your life who just screams SELFLESS! And I always admire those people so much. My husband is one of them and so often I don't feel worthy of him because he's so genuinely selfless towards me and others that I feel like the worst wife ever. There he goes again... being a sweetheart... thinking of me first. But he loves it and it truly makes him happy.

My top goal for 2017 has been to practice being selfless and do special things for others. Y'all, I'm having a freaking blast! So much so I can't stop. I'm constantly writing down ideas of things I can do for people in my planner. Or making a note in my phone when someone mentions something about being sick or having a bad day... "note: do something for them". I want to share how I have blessed the lives of others in the last two months not to toot my own horn, but to share how much JOY it has brought ME! And to give you some ideas if you want to try doing this too - I swear it becomes addicting.

1. Sending a "thinking of you" text message out of the blue. Easy, simple, but such a nice surprise for the recipient.

2. Send snail mail. I've sent cards with a little note, cards with a surprise little $5 gift card for a coffee on me, a present with a note that said, "I saw this and thought of you". Something simple goes a long way.

3. Bake a meal. This is my favorite y'all. I do it all the time! Jon's mom was supposed to have surgery yesterday (ended up being canceled) but I took them homemade chicken noodle soup. Our neighbors husband passed away yesterday, I took them pot pie. Two friends have had a baby in the last week... I'm taking them meals and small pamper gift baskets.

4. Drop off goodies. Recently a friend was talking about what a rough week she was having so I stopped by the grocery store and snagged some cookies from the bakery and a bouquet of flowers and left them on her door step. It took me less than 10 minutes to run into the store and I didn't lift a finger, but she knew I was thinking about her.

5. Pay it forward... in the drive thru at Chick-fil-A. You may have seen on Instagram awhile back when I shared how Jon overheard a conversation between and elderly couple at the grocery store discussing what they could afford that week. The husband was sadly telling his wife to put some things back. So Jon bought their groceries and tried to duck out of the store discretely, but the cashier gave him away. The old man chased him into the parking lot, crying, and explained what that mean to him and his wife.

5. Know a mom who is struggling? Offer to watch her kids for an hour while she showers, takes a nap, gets out of the house. We mamas can raise a hand to how amazing that would be!

These are really simple, meaningful ways you can bless the lives of others. I swear you'll bless yourself more than anything. It brings a high along with it when you pour into someone else. I plan to stay strong with my resolution and find new ways to serve others. I'd love to hear if you have any ideas.

Speaking of helping others, XOmandysue is donating 20% of their proceeds for the month of February to the organization Reading Is Fundamental. They provide children in need support in reading and learning. I love reading with my kids and some children don't have that support - can you imagine? Breaks my heart! So get yourself something to wear this Spring and Summer and support a good cause. Use this code at checkout: KKGUF35 for 35% off your order AND support a good cause.

Here are some cute pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my closet! Oh wait... I already added that skirt :)

Happy Shopping!

My Workout Routine

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I thought I would share my fitness goals and my gym schedule I created for myself to achieve those goals. You may need a little direction or motivation yourself OR you may just be one of those people (like me) who likes to read anything fitness/health related. Either way, this is the schedule I've created for myself to get the gains I'm looking for specific to my body.

My goal: to trim down with minor fat loss (hellooo postpartum baby belly) and tone up. Gain muscle definition and grow dat booty.

My Schedule: I train Monday - Friday at the gym. Saturdays I occasionally do yoga at home. Sundays off.

   Monday: Lower Body (glute & hamstring focus)
   Tuesday: Back and Biceps and HIIT
   Wednesday: Shoulders and Triceps and HIIT
   Thursday: Lower Body (glute & quad focus)
   Friday: Shoulders and Abs and HIIT

A couple of things...

I am not training chest because I'm already... larger... in the chest region and I gain upper body muscle really quickly so I don't want to bulk up in my chest at all. I have two lower body days because I want to train my glutes really hard for some major booty gains! Two kids and my butt straight up disappeared! I train shoulders two days a week because sculpting the deltoids in your shoulder creates a really strong, but feminine look to a womans arm and I love it! I incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) a few times a week because it's the best for fat loss while maintaining muscle. Besides I hate cardio so HIIT gets the job done without having to run miles and miles on a treadmill. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just not my thing. I also want muscle gains so I'm going for lower reps, higher weight. Right now I am doing 4 sets of 10 reps at a weight that's tough, but manageable for 10 reps. I'm sore the next two days after a workout and that's perfect! Once I start gaining my muscles back after about a month or so I will begin doing 4 sets with a 12, 10, 8, 6 rep and going up in weight in each set. Basically starting out at 12 reps with a weight that's manageable and then going up in weight so that the 6 reps in the end are almost impossible to do and cause me to burnout.

That's basically about it. Plan to fail, fail to plan y'all. Set realistic goals and understand they aren't going to happen over night. I'm not terribly over weight, but I'm at a point where I'm the most out of shape and unhealthy that I've ever been in my life and I don't like it. I don't like how I feel mentally and physically and I don't care for how I look. To be quite honest, I'm tired of pulling my pants up over my tummy that wants to hang over. So I got real with myself and made a plan. Plus I told myself if I stuck to it and got some results then I'd splurge on a pair of Lululemon workout pants! Holy heavens those things are like gold! 

Hopefully all of this wasn't too confusing! If you have any questions feel free to comment, email me or leave your question on social media.

Trendy Pear has adorable graphic tees especially for all you mama's out there! As a coffee addict I'm thinking I need to add this one to my collection. And I need this shirt because it's all to true and I know many of y'all know what I'm talking about! #aintscaredtoadmitit

Pretty in Pink - She's Not The Second Child I Expected


 I meant to have this post up dayyyyys ago and every night after putting the kids to bed I would come downstairs and Jon would have Netflix on and be snuggled up in a blankie on the couch with an open spot next to him just calling my name. Who can say no to Netflix and quiet hubby snuggles? Not this girl. So I apologize for my delay because this shirt is perfect for Valentine's Day and you still have time to order to get it in time, but I inteded to give you more time than this! Good thing is, it's still in stock. I am wearing a size small for reference, but I could have gone to a medium because when I lift my arms it does show my belly.

Speaking of pink ruffle tops... I'm obsessed with having a little girl. It's beyond better than my wildest dreams. Decorating her nursery, picking out her clothes, twinning... all the way to hearing her girly squeals!

I pictured myself as an all boy mom, toting football gear and soccer cleats in my car. Spraying febreeze over every inch of their rooms. Being bear hugged by my teenage sons who are a foot taller than me years down the road. That's all I ever pictured. When we found out we were pregnant with baby number two I had this odd feeling it was a girl. Jon and I pushed that thought aside and went ahead planning boy names. I started pinning another boy themed nursery and that was that. At our 15week apt we were told our baby was a boy with 98% assurance. My dreams were just reconfirmed except I felt like something was off...? The whole time I just kept thinking, "it's a girl. I picture a boy, but I feel like it's a girl." And then we had our anatomy scan...

Even when the nurse said, "well, the doctor was wrong... you are, without a doubt, having a girl." I about fell off the table. Tears filled my eyes (and Jon's). Our lives and hearts were changed forever. And then we met our sweet Emery and she was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. She's laid back, chill, all smiles and loud girly squeals. Her dimples melt our hearts and they way her eyes light up send us into a dizzy tailspin. She has this calm about her that makes me calm. I just can't rave about her enough because she's everything I never pictured myself having. It's like God gave me the sweetest, angelic surprise I wasn't anticpating for my life. My sweet Emmie girl.

Soft Valentine's Day Look


Disclosure: I'm writing this as I watch The Bachelor and I'm totally engulfed in the drama with Corrine! Anyone else?

I am all about some Pink Blush in my life! They dressed me through me entire two pregnancies and I'm still snagging up pieces from them for my post-partum body! I was looking for the perfect Valentine's Day dress when this gorgeous maxi wrap dress caught my eye! Mauve has become an obsession. Although it's not far off from my blush obsession... it's slowly taking over my closet. This dress comes in two colors and Pink Blush is currently having a sale on their dresses... 15% off with code GETDRESSEDUP so hurry! Go! I'm also crushing on this lace number and this gorgeous chiffon dress I already own in yellow (see here) but now I think I need the pink too!

Can I just vent for a moment? What is it about toddler's that are bent on destructing everything they come across? I mean seriously... is there a switch on my child that has accidentally flipped to "destruction" mode? He follows me from room to room creating chaos like a tornado with no end in site. He empties every drawer he comes in contact with (note to self: put child locks on everything). He pushes everything off the coffee table that I literally just picked up and set back neatly. My personal favorite... he pulls down the kitchen towels hanging on the stove as he passes through the kitchen. He didn't intend on playing with the towels.. apparently he thought they looked better in the floor. It's as if in order for me to get anything done in one room I have to be willing to let him create another mess I'll have to clean up later. Moms... you can relate, right? I am seriously having to learn patience with this right now being the neat freak that I am.

The mess doesn't matter, the mess doesn't matter, the mess doesn't matter... says the woman who's eye is twitching as she sees the messes in each room :-P

Winter Pieces


I don't know about y'all, but I'm starting to get seriously confused with this weather. It's mid 60's one day, low 30's the next. Freezing in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Sheesh! And my hormones aren't even close to being normal yet so I'm typically sweating and shedding off layer after layer every day. Because of that I have been living in comfy sweaters lately... it's the easiest way to stay warm and not overheat. How cute is the cut-out detail to this sweater? Even better it comes in two classic colors and is under $30! I recently ordered this sweater too and you probably see my in it all the time on my Snapchat #sorrynotsorry it's soooooo comfy!

And hooray for finally finding my oatmeal colored Sperry boots! Y'all ask me about them all the time and they've been sold out forever. I got these for the purpose of being able to carrying babies through the snow without falling on my bootay... but now I just wear them all the time snow or not because they are so dang comfortable and adorable with skinny jeans or leggings!

What is your favorite winter piece you own and wear all the time... like every day? No shame girl! I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

Have a great weekend, y'all!