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Motherhood || 5 Tips To Getting Out the Door On Time with Kids

^^^ Emery's face cracks me up

Get up before the kids. 
I hate the sound of my alarm, but I hate waking up to the sound of my kids crying more. I mean, helloooo I haven't even had my coffee yet. It never fails, if I get up to the sound of babies fussing I am a crank for a majority of the morning and my day feels chaotic from the get-go. I've learned to set my alarm to be up at least 30mins to an hour before my kids typically wake up for the day. It's so much more peaceful to do my make-up without having to tell Maddox to get out of the toothpaste 20 freaking times.

 fawn diaper bag | littlebunches diaper clutch (includes clutch, changing pad and wipes carrier)

my outfit: sweatshirt ||  leggings

Pack the diaper bag the night before.
I have this weird thing about keeping up with the diaper bag. I am constantly cleaning it out and refilling it because somehow within one outing with the kids it becomes a disaster. I'm ripping diapers out, throwing paci's in, pulling out snacks, throwing in receipts. By the end of the day it's full of crushed goldfish and a mashed banana I never got to eat. Every night I like to prepare it for the next day and whatever plans I have. Refill diapers and wipes, make sure I have a paci for each kid, as well as my wallet and car keys. I also set out a sippie cup and a snack cup to quickly fill in the morning for Maddox. Seriously a lifesaver to be able to grab the bag and go!

I've become obsessed with my new diaper clutch from Little Bunches. I was struggling on Sundays packing two separate bags for each kid because they go to different nursery rooms. This solved my problem. I pack Emery's diapers, wipes and paci in the clutch and stick it down in Maddox's diaper bag (the fawn bag) and then all I have to do is take out the clutch and give it to Emery's teacher and leave Maddox's bag with him. I have started keeping her stuff in the clutch full time too because when Maddox goes to school two days a week I can just pull out her clutch, throw in my keys, wallet and phone and I'm able to run errands will all that I need while I keep the main bag with Maddox. I carry it like a wristlist or hang it on the stroller. It's seriously a lifesaver with more than one kid! Plus the clutch and the changing pad can been thrown in the washer - just hand the pad to dry.

Lay out everyone clothes.
I say this mainly because I have a girl now and I never knew I could take so long picking out an outfit until I had a little girl! Shew, gosh y'all. SO many bow decisions! I like to lay out the kids clothes according to weather and what we're doing the next day. Why waste time searching for a clean pair of socks or somebody's jacket when you could have already had it all laid out. I don't always lay out my clothes, but when I do it's definitely more helpful. Who am I kidding, I snag a pair of my zella leggings and an oversized shirt or sweater and I'm out the door anyways. #sorrynotsorry

A simple breakfast.
My son has this weird way of eating yogurt. He likes to pretend it's finger paint. So he takes his spoon and scoops up some yogurt, then proceeds to place some on each finger and eat it off each finger very deliberately. It's hilarious to watch, but not so cute when I need him clean and ready to go out the door in a timely manner. So on mornings when we need to be somewhere I scratch yogurt or oatmeal and go for easy clean up breakfasts like protein pancakes, toast, or dry cereal.

Leave the mess.
I am very O.C.D. so having kids has thrown me for a loop when it comes to accepting the mess and enjoying the chaos. But I am starting to grasp the concept (two years later) and learn to let go a little. I used to always clean the kitchen immediately after breakfast. I'm talking dishes cleaned, dried and put away and counter-tops wiped down. Now I'm typically begging Maddox to take his last bite so we can go. (side note - I should really figure out how to stop rushing). I don't have time to clean up the kitchen unless I want to be running through every yellow light and yielding at stop signs to make it to where I'm going on time. Now I leave the mess for nap time or post bedtime. Trust me... the mess will be there when you get back. I haven't figured out that magic trick yet.

What tips do you have to getting out the door on time? I need all the help I can get!
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  1. I'm totally pinning this so that I remember when my baby girl arrives!

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  4. These are such great tips! I hate running late so I do all I can to get stuff prepared the night before!


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