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Blog Friends Become Real Life Friends & Freshly Picked Giveaway

 Note Emery's face... her brother wanted her to swim in the "pewl"! Poor child!
 I can't stop laughing at these pictures! Maddox tugging her arm to get her in the pool, Emery's face of "what the heck is happening? S.O.S!"

I'm always so grateful when blogger friends become real life friends. It's such an odd thing, blogging. We know so much about each others lives because we share so much and make ourselves transparent and then we meet... it's like we know we are strangers, but yet we know each other so well. So weird! Katie and I started off following each others blogs over two years ago and have watched each other become mothers. To get to meet her and her daughter Charlotte on our trip to Destin was such a thrill! We spent some time at the aquarium with the kiddos.

Emery's outfit: bow || shorts || moccs c/o Freshly Picked
Maddox's outfit: similar shirt || shorts || moccs c/o Freshly Picked

We had such a great time in Destin! It was the perfect way to kick of Spring for our family. And I'm surprised at just how much fun we had with the kids. I knew we would have fun, but I was expecting it to be pretty hard. Instead it was quite relaxing! Maddox was all about the adventure of seeing the beach and going on walks and learning to swim. He couldn't get enough... he's so busy! And Emery had just started sitting up all on her own, which gave me a break from having to hold her all the time. And she just loved watching her brother and being in on all the action. I had to make sure I packed both of their Freshly Picked moccasins because they are a staple in our house. I love that the soft sole moccasins protect their tiny, tender feet when they start wanting to stand. I think Emery needs these for Spring! And I had no idea they sold hard sole moccasins for Maddox's age and up when they start walking and running and basically getting into everything. I was stoked to find that out! It should also be noted they clean up really well. Maddox gets scuff marks all over all of his shoes and a Magic Eraser will take the scuffs right off!

Today I'm teaming up with Freshly Picked to celebrate Spring with a giveaway for a pair of FP moccasins of your choice! Enter to win with the rafflecopter below! All entries will be verified.

Thank you Freshly Picked for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.